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My First Love

Melissa talks about pursuing her music career and Jacqueline's holiday party.

By Melissa Gorga

Hi, everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the summer. I had a great holiday weekend with Joe and the kids down on the shore! The weather was amazing! I met so many fans this weekend and just want to say I love you guys! What incredible people you all are.

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Wow, I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the season already. It is going by so fast! 

So you get to see a little more of my musical journey on this episode. Music has always been my first love...until I met Joe and had my kids. I love to sing and I love to create music, but nothing will ever come before my family.  They will always be my first priority. My clock doesn’t tick without them. With that said, I’m so happy to have the support from my husband and my kids to give me the OK to follow my dreams. When I married Joe and had my children I just wanted to be a mommy and a wifey! I was that girl in high school who just wanted to get married and have babies. Well, I did it, and I’m proud of the wife and mother that I’ve become. But I kept my dream close, and when this opportunity came about, I just couldn’t let it pass me by. 

I was so nervous and scared when the producers got to my house. I was trying so hard to control my nerves so they wouldn’t rattle my voice. It’s definitely not easy to sing a cappella, let alone in a room with music producers that work every day with artists such as Britney Spears and Beyonce. What if they tell me I stink? What if everyone hates my song? But how will I ever know if I don’t try. 

It’s not in my genes to back out and run away when I’m scared. I never did it before, and I’m not going to start now. There is something deep down inside telling me I can do this. I was ecstatic when Corte and K-Mack told me that I could sing. I still didn’t believe it though; I wanted to keep singing for them just to make sure! We all think we sound like Diana Ross when we are in the shower! I know I do, but to have these top producers believe in me was incredible. Now, by no means am I Mariah Carey, long live the queen! But I’ve come to find out that your vocal cords are a muscle, and you need to exercise them. I still have a lot of work to do, and I really am ready for it. This is not a one, two, three type of dream. It takes a lot of dedication and a lot of practice. I’m so excited that all of you will get to see my whole journey! It’s a crazy one, and it’s definitely one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever come across in my life. But I love every minute of it! Don’t ever give up on your dreams, just when you’re about to give up, it will happen.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world. How amazing is Joe? I wish there was something I could build for him. The only thing I can build for Joe is a strong family, and that I do for him every day. He is one of a kind and I love him. I am so happy that I can put the kids to bed at night and go down into the studio. It’s such a blessing. This whole scene just turns me on, he’s so hot when he works!

So Christmas in July! This is my favorite time of the year, and I’m so happy that Joe and his sister made up just in time for the holidays! We had so much fun that night! Jacqueline and Chris did everything they could to make us feel comfortable from the second we walked in. Ashley was a complete sweetheart. I really appreciated that, and I love the Lauritas! 

I’ve come to find that Jacqueline and I have a lot in common, we both just want everyone to be happy. Neither of us will push anyone or say a word unless we are provoked. I thought she was being a good friend to Teresa by inviting Joe and me.

And the Manzos... What a fun bunch of down to earth people! They remind me so much of my family, it was refreshing to be with them. Albie, Chris, and Lauren are such a breath of fresh air! They are hysterical and really know how to have fun. I love Greg too. He is hilarious! When I see the three of them together I think of my kids and wonder if they will have the same relationship as they do. You can tell they all back each other up no matter what, and I love that!  

Mamma Caroline is a no nonsense type of girl, but she’s real. You can feel it from the second you speak to her.  Something about Caroline, when she talks you want to listen. I don’t work well with people who fake it or can’t look at me in the eyes when they speak to me. She looks at you straight in the eyes.  I love it!  Albert was a big teddy bear; he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  We all really had a great time that night, and I was so happy we all got along and it went well! 

How nuts is Joe? I couldn’t believe he put on Jacqueline’s one-piece sparkled jump suit. Don’t dare Joe, because he will do it! He is one of the most secure men I know, and he’s definitely not shy, so anything goes! Joe and I have always known how to have a good time. We love life and love to enjoy it with good friends and family. What else is there? I’m glad he brought a couple of laughs to the party.

And I really meant what I said about wanting Teresa to be my sister. I wish she would have let me in from the beginning, but better late than never! We are fixing this!

I love that Kathy has big hopes and dreams! She was born to entertain, and she is the most unbelievable cook! I think the talk with Albert hit home for them. It’s not all glitz and glamour owning a restaurant. He gives them solid, honest advice. I’ve know them for many years; they will only do what is right for their family. I will say their faces when Albert was laughing was priceless! They make me smile.

OK, finally I have to address this... so by now you’ve all heard me say, “Thank you Jesus!” many times. These are words I’ve been saying since I was a teenager. I have a very close relationship with God, and I’m a very spiritual person. I believe in thanking Jesus for everything that goes well in life. It is my belief that all good things come from him, and I’m not scared to say it! I go to church almost every Sunday and always will. I caught myself saying it a lot more when I had children. I said it every time I looked at them, I couldn’t believe they were mine and I created them! They just amaze me, I can’t help it. When I see them, I just want to thank the big man above!

I can’t wait for you all to hear the finished version of 'On Display.' It will be available on iTunes in the beginning of August! 

Love you all so much and thank you to everyone for your positive comments and support!

Check in with my website,, I am updating pictures and my blog in the next couple of days! 

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I hope everyone has a magnifico giornata!



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