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Go Time

Teresa shares why she felt the need to confront Kathy.

By Teresa Giudice

I had such a busy week... I know, I know, who didn't, right? The girls are all back to school and we had a birthday last week -- Audriana turned two! I can't believe it. Doesn't it just seem like you were watching her being born on Bravo yesterday? (Is she the first Bravo baby?) It seems like yesterday to me. She's attached to my hip right now, which is great since she's my only baby left at home. We had a little party at my house with just her grandparents and godparents. Dina Manzo came over of course. You should hear Audriana say "Dina." It's so cute. I have photos up on my website:

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What else is new? Milania is loving Kindergarten, and yes, I let Gia get a Twitter account: @TrueGia. It's completely monitored by me and her manager though, so don't even think about tweeting her anything but love! No, Milania does not have a Twitter and neither does Joe.

I’ll be honest, I don't want to talk too much about this week's episode because we've only seen half of our Punta Cana trip so far, and I really, really don't want to relive the past. But I will say, we all had a great time. I loved hanging out with my brother again. Things are really good with all of us.

As for the fight with Kathy on the beach, plain and simple, she's my cousin, but no matter what, you don't talk about someone else's kids. Albert said it perfectly afterwards: I had never gotten to talk to Kathy about her comment about Audriana being left unattended, and yeah, it bothered me a lot. She got her little dig in about detaching from my children, and it gave me a chance to finally "go there."

We saw the little clip of Audriana in her stroller that night again, but did you see the punches being thrown in the background? No? Me neither. That's because there weren't any at that point. Audriana was being looked after when the fight happened, and while you might think the fight lasted the whole evening, it really didn't. Believe me, my first concern was for my children and I would never leave them in harm's way.

It might seem like Kathy's comment to me about detaching from her children was innocent, but believe me, I know my cousin. I've known her a long time. I get that the Manzos and Lauritas don't know this about her, but I know how she is. She likes to give little subtle digs that hit people where she knows it will hurt them. She plays these little games and then puts on the big innocent eyes to try to make the person she's whispering secret insults to look crazy (or "cuckoo" as she puts it). I've seen her do it to everyone around her my whole life. But I just wasn't having it. Not again. She "innocently" brought up me as a mother at the fashion show, and she was doing it again in Punta Cana. I said my peace and I walked away.

I have to say something else: I don't think my Joe's getting a fair shake. You only see the grumpy things he says. He's strong, he's protective, he makes me laugh, he's sexy, he's a great dad, and I love him.

Joe and I met another great Italian from Bravo this weekend: Fabio Viviani from Top Chef! We were both doing cooking demos at the Italian Festival in Virginia Beach. I made one of my delicious dishes from Fabulicious! He made gnocchi. Love, love, love him!

Tanti Baci,


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