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Not on My Worst Enemy

Teresa explains why she never wanted her extended family involved with the show.

By Teresa Giudice

Before I say anything else, I have to say this -- thank you all so much for your support! My book is on the New York Times Bestseller list! I am beyond ecstatic. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xx

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Please know that I do not want to say anything bad about my family, ever. And I will not trash them in interviews or on Twitter. But part of being of the show is blogging my feelings about the episode, and it's not fair to viewers to just put up summer safety tips. I wish my family wasn't on the show so I didn't have to talk about them, but I did not want any of this. Melissa chose it on purpose, knowing exactly what it would look like, and has continued to bash me in the press. I will not bash her back. I will just talk about what we see on the episodes and clear up some of her contradictions (because I think she's gotten herself confused by now).

I've decided to go back and look at some of her blogs, because she does a far better job of showing you the "real Melissa" than anyone else could. In her very first blog she wrote, "Some of you may be very confused right now. You may be thinking, 'Teresa has a brother?' Before all the press, you probably didn't know we existed, did you?" That might have worked if she hadn't forgotten about my New York Times bestselling cookbook Skinny Italian where I introduced Joe and his family to the world by dedicating the book to him, featuring pictures of us growing up, and talking about how much I loved him. A definite cover-up.

Another great Melissa quote from the first week: "Why do you want to suddenly dance with your brother, when you have left him out of your life for years? You be the judge." I hope the footage of my housewarming party when I introduced him to everyone on camera like he was a king helped you judge. I think you could see my love for him. (And Melissa screaming "No!" from the front row.)

Oh, they showed my housewarming party when Melissa said she and Joe were never invited to anything? (And them at Audriana's christening? And Gia's birthday party?) Oops. She tries to clear that up by writing last week, "I will say I'm also happy they showed us at the housewarming party! Can we now put all those rumors to rest that Joe and I were mad for not being around the cameras? It's just simply not true." Um, Melissa? You started those rumors! From your own blog, from week one: "Teresa has kept my husband, Joe, and his family (me and my three children) away from everything she has been going through and everything that has been so exciting in her life for the last three years." And, "She kept us as far away during Season 1 and Season 2, because I think she knew this would happen when they found us. Karma is a bitch."

I knew this would happen? What would happen? That my sister-in-law would trash her husband's family on TV so she could be famous? No sir, I did not. I never in a million years thought she was capable of something so low. Apparently I was wrong. 

I've been very outspoken about the downsides of being on TV. When I joined the show, I had no idea what I was in for. Once you're in, you're in, and yes, you'd better learn to make lemons into limoncello. But would I advise anyone with lies, secrets, and scandals in their closet to do it? No, no, no. I didn't and still don't have any freakin' skeletons in my freakin' closet, thank you, thank you very much. But that still doesn't stop the tabloids from making things up about you or trying to turn your normal personal business into a headline. My whole family watched last year as I was raked over the coals. My parents were heartbroken. And Melissa and Joey were right there. Who in their right mind would want that? I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, and it's certainly not something I wanted for my brother or my cousin or their families. After watching me for three years, watching magazines make up Joe and I getting divorced at least five times, lie about our legal issues (which we legally aren't allowed to defend ourselves against), why would you sign up for a show and think you were going to only get the good? 

Now Melissa is complaining to the media that she's getting unfairly edited. (Really? Please don't blame the editing. They show what you give them. I seem to remember Danielle used to blame the editing too. Just sayin'... I think when you invent so many new things about yourself, it's only natural people would be confused. 

Alright, about the episode! I would have to say this could have been called "Jersey Husbands Are the Best." How sweet are our hubbies? Every one of them so supportive of their wives! 

I loved watching Joey Wakile -- he's so funny! Kathy has great, great kids. Of course I was there for Victoria's illness. It was devastating for our family. And praise God, He came through for her! I adore Victoria and Joey Wakile. They are smart, mature, and wonderful people. 

I think it was very interesting when Melissa said her best friends are her sisters who are 10 and 13 years older than her. They left the house when she was 7! I think it says a lot that Melissa admits she doesn't want to have any other friends. She should get some. Real friends who aren't trying to make money off her or get famous standing next to her. I don't know what I'd do without my friends. xx

And good for Melissa, admitting it was her fault they missed Gia's gymnastics meet and that she didn't care at all. First of all, about Gino's birthday -- I had just had surgery on my bubbies, so I was moving a little slow, sorry! But I was not two hours late. And second, why would you punish Gia for me being late?

I was so happy Joey called me back (Gia made me cry... I cannot stand to see my kids hurt!). Gia was so happy. Even though he was late, it is clear what a great uncle he is, how much we love each other's children, and that we really want to be back together. My mom gave Joey jewelry for Antonia, his "angel." The girls were all hugging and planning a play date. And Melissa would have none of it. Immediately she's telling Antonia, "We have to go!" Go where? You just got here. Can't the kids play for ten minutes? It broke my heart to see Antonia crying hysterically, because Melissa wouldn't let her have a play date with my kids. So I'm confused when she writes on her blog last week, "I will stop at nothing to fix this." 

At the meet, Melissa ignored everyone and just texted when she wasn't giving us all dirty looks. But I had no idea she was so upset that our family was reconciling. I knew Melissa wanted to drive a wedge in between Joey and his family so they would only spend time with her family, but I had no idea how hard she would push for it. 

Did you see Joey's face when he was holding Gia? Couldn't you tell we wanted the tension to be over so we could just be a family again? Our first steps toward making things better, and when he gets home with Melissa, she shuts it down telling him, "I felt so empty." Empty watching your husband back with his family? The thing you said you'd work so hard for? She reminds him, "You are with me!" Then she makes up this whole disrespect thing, saying she's not going to take our abuse any more. Did I miss something? My poor brother's face as she drips the poison into his ear -- he's confused, but he's loyal, and suddenly he's saying, "My mother is wrong!"

My mother? Are you kidding me? You dare to bring up my mother like that? My mother is an amazing person, and I cannot stand for Melissa to act like my mother is anything but wonderful to her. My mother is an incredible lady -- she grew up in Italy an only child with no father, her mother died when she was 10 and her grandfather died a month later of a broken heart. My mother was raised by her grandmother. My mother has been nothing but nice to Melissa, ALWAYS. My mother does not deserve this in any way. She would do anything for me, my brother, and my dad. We're her only family. 

What in the world did my mother do except give her granddaughter a gift? She didn't leave without saying goodbye to Melissa. Melissa saw her walk out with Joey. We all knew she was rushing to get back to my dad who wasn't feeling well. And where I'm from, you respect your in-laws and you go to them, not wait for them to come to you. I don't wait for my mother-in-law to come up to me. I go to her because it's the right thing to do.

I'm glad everyone can see how transparent Melissa really is -- she broke our family up and she wants it to stay broken for her own gain. I love my brother and I miss him so much, but as long as Melissa wants him away from us, what can I do? 

I sincerely hope her singing career works out and this was all worth it for her. No matter what though, I'll always be here, waiting for my brother to come back. 

And I wanted to say how proud I am of Gia. She works so hard. She's so dedicated and so smart. She just blows me away.

I'm off to Miami this week for another book signing! You can find my schedule (and proof that my fans are hot bitches!) at my website, Thank you so much for your amazing messages, emails, and support! Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice and Facebook

And if Fabulicious is sold out at your store, you can still get it on Amazon or Barnes & (It's also available on Kindle, Nook, and the iPad!) Love, love, love you all! 

Tanti Baci,



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