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Giudice Stone

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor thinks the Giudices need to open their own Italian language school.

By Andrew Herrmann

No. 3 - She Came, She Saw, She Got Another Tattoo

Ashlee's back! Via Skype yet again, but not even a video chat is boring when it involves Ashlee. She finally got her wish and is flying solo in Los Angeles. So has she managed to make it work in the city of angels? Yes!

She's working and has an apartment and doing it on her own. That being said, she nearly did burn down her building when she mistakenly left the gas in her oven running for a few days. Luckily it would seem she has no smokers in the building. (I think while hearing this story it took every muscle in Jacqueline's face to keep her from cringing.)

Most noteworthy however is her new neck tattoo. Props to her for getting some Latin inked on her body (what can I say, I'm a nerd). She must truly be doing well, because you don't go out and get "I came, I saw, I conquered" permanently put upon your body unless you're feeling pretty confident. The question is, now that's she's conquered, will she be returning to New Jersey?

Side Note: Neck tats are really blowing up these days, so I guess she was ahead of the trend.

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No. 2 - Whorin' Again to Born Again?

Kim D. may have coined my favorite new phrase when she postulated that Melissa's signature "Praise Jesus" may be a result of her alleged time at Angelo's gentleman's club -- "Whorin' again to born again." Only in Jersey.

In any event, Kim D. was pumping Angelo for more info on Melissa, and Teresa got up and fled the scene mid-makeup. And who could blame her? That guy was a little too creepy, and I think he made everyone (other than Kim D. evidently) very uncomfortable. He could have been reciting poetry and it would still probably make you want to exit the room. I don't know about you, but this definitely made me miss the days of Chateau.

Side Note: Why were they drinking champagne with ice?

Salacious Rumors of Melissa's Past
No. 1 - Rosetta Giudice Stone

Forget cookbooks and Fabellinis, Teresa's newest business venture should clearly be an Italian language school. Or at least some sort of text book or web series. Italian the Giudice Way needs to happen.

Watching Joe and Teresa's try and give Italian lessons to the girls was just plain adorable. There were papers and texts strewn about, Joe was trying to find the word for sandwich -- it was a cute (if not perhaps particularly well organized) Italian class. Of course it was impossible that things would go as planned, because of the inevitable Milania mischief. After referring to it as a Spanish lesson and complaining that she had no idea what Teresa was saying (because she was speaking Italian), it was up to Gia to save the day. I think Gia was made to be a foreign language drill instructor (or just a drill instructor), because she is all business.

(Plus don't we all need to learn how to say prostitution whore in Italian?)

Espanol or Italiano?
Next week we've finally arrived at the Jersey finale, and the accusations are flying like you wouldn't believe.
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