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Teresa and Jacqueline's Unfinished Business

Caroline explains why she challenged Teresa to talk with Jacqueline.

By Caroline Manzo

Hey guys, how's everyone doing? It's all good in New Jersey, thank goodness for Dr. V!

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I really enjoyed this week’s episode, we finally saw some progress and real communication between the Gorga and Guidice clan. I liked Dr. V's direct approach attitude; she took no nonsense and called you out when you needed it. In other words, she understood them, she knew the mentality of everyone in the room, and she spoke their language. She worked miracles!

The Gorgas, The Giudices, and Dr. V
I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived, and quite frankly if my driver hadn't already left, I probably would have jumped back in the car and headed straight for Jersey! I felt that everyone was on the right track and in a better frame of mind at this point, and I didn't want to complicate things by being there. Unfortunately I had no choice, so I took a back seat and tried to be as invisible as possible for the duration of the trip. One example of that was when the ladies took over the kitchen to prepare dinner. I thought that having a little alone time cooking together would be another chance for them to talk and bond, so I stayed behind on purpose.

I hadn't realized that Kathy didn't have a chance to speak with Dr. V until I watched the episode. I felt bad about that, because I know she would have liked the opportunity to be heard. I'm glad she took the time to address Teresa at the table, and I'm happy that Teresa responded in a positive way. Good for them.

Joe Giudice mentioned that he had a bottle of wine with him that he and my brother Chris made together and was hoping to share it with him at the castle. I thought that was a nice gesture on his part, and I explained to him that Chris and Jac weren't there because they were concentrating on Nicholas and his needs. They were in the process of interviewing therapists and looking at schools for him. I appreciated that Joe admitted that he didn't understand what Autism was, and to his credit he apologized for anything out of line that he might have said.

The trust fall exercise was unexpected and needless to say I was shocked when Teresa asked me to be her partner! One surprise deserves another, right? I meant what I said to Teresa about leaving my family behind in the healing process. Teresa called me for help, and I was there for her. I know that Teresa and Jac had unfinished business and hurt feelings that needed to be addressed. What better way to get this done than through the ultimate challenge! I knew Teresa wouldn't say no, now my only problem is telling jac what I did! Who knows how this will end up, keep watching folks.

 See you all next week!

Swinging, More Problems, and a Time Bomb

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