Chris Laurita, Dream Husband - Ep 2

Chris Laurita, Dream Husband - Ep 2's Associate Producer thinks Chris Laurita has really raised the bar when it comes to gifts for your wife.

By Andrew Herrmann

This week I laughed, I cried, but I mostly wondered how it is that the Lauritas have a professional grade deli meat slicer in their home. Maybe in Jersey it's more common for a house to come with a prosciutto slicing apparatus than a swimming pool?


In any event, let's look back at some of the memorable moments from this week's episode.No. 3 - A Nice Little Fellow

Another week, another Milania moment! Sometimes children say things and you have to wonder where in the world they came up with a certain turn of phrase. For example: Milania saying, "He's a nice little fellow, I like Nonno." What? Has Milania secretly been watching a lot of Downtown Abby? Where did she possibly pick up that phrase. Trying to figure that out makes me want to do this:


No. 2 - Manzo-vention

Who would have thought that Caroline and Teresa would be sitting down to lunch in the second episode of the season. A lunch without yelling no less! (Or at least only minimal voice raising.) Honestly the most shocking part of the whole thing was that it seemed as if they actually got through to one another. Who would have thought?

It seems to me from their conversation that if everyone can apologize for acting like a "f---ing bitch" in the past that they can all move forward. That doesn't seem so hard, because who hasn't acted like a "f---ing bitch" at some point in their life? I'm often a "f---ing bitch" before 10 AM in the morning, and I often find myself apologizing for not being a morning person. No big deal.

Side Note: Was anyone else wondering how this restaurant they met at came to be called the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn & Tavern? Is that Jersey slang for safe space?

No. 1 - The Power of Love

Yes, that is a Celine Dion reference, deal with it. But tell me, did you not reach for a tissue, weep, and want to play a good old Celine Dion power ballad when you saw Nicholas tell Jacqueline "I love you"? If you didn't, you clearly have no soul.

Also what magical husband dreamland did Chris Laurita come from? "Oh my wife is having a hard time so I've secretly trained my autistic son to say I love you to her." What?! I don't think anyone will look at flowers or chocolate the same way now that the bar has been raised to that level.
Next week the moment I've been waiting for finally happens: Rosie and Joey take Rich's Ferrari for a joyride. Those two together are going to be major trouble.
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