D. is for Drama - Ep 6

D. is for Drama - Ep 6

Bravotv.com's Associate Producer wonders if it's even possible for Kim D. to avoid gossip.

By Andrew Herrmann

Someone's fired up the New Jersey rumor mill again, and you know what that means -- Kim D. is on the scene! So let's look back at all the scandals, rumors, and fights as we review the most memorable moments this week.

No. 3 - Million Dollar Listing New Jersey

The Million Dollar Listing New York boys can certainly be ruthless, but Jennifer Dalton may have proved that New Jersey real estate agents will do anything for a listing. Including telling a potential client gossip she's heard about them to try and gain their trust, a tactic not even Fredrik Eklund has used (yet).

Honestly though, this was one super strange situation for Melissa if you think about it. Imagine sitting down to lunch with a real estate agent interested in selling your house, and then all of a sudden: "By the way, I was out with some of your friends and your sister-in-law, and your friend said you were cheating on your husband." Where exactly you go from there, I do not know.

Side Note: Did anyone else recognize Jennifer from Pregnant in Heels? Here's a clip of her with Rosie Pope.

No. 2 - Boutique Etiquette

Kathy should maybe pen an etiquette pamphlet. Last season it was all about the importance of "remembering the bitch's name" with Rosie at the gay bar, and this season there's a lesson to be learned on the importance of proper phone usage in a boutique.

First off, one should never grab the phone out of someone's hand, even if they are on speaker. Second, it's only OK to be on speaker in a boutique if you're using your indoor voice. Third, you shouldn't try and hash things out with your former BFF by shouting over the phone in the boutique. It's just not done! Take that kind of behavior to the outlet malls.
No. 1 - D. is for Drama

Oh Kim D. This woman I am pretty sure probably knows all the rumors and secrets in New Jersey. I have to wonder if there actually is no way for her to avoid hearing things, because 1. every woman in the state presumably shops at Posche and 2. once people think you're keeper of all N.J. gossip, you can't help but spill what you've heard to her at the register.

So of course Kim and Melissa have some words about the cheating rumors. But honestly, how mad can you really get at Kim D.? Especially if you want to secure a great seat at the one and only annual Posche Fashion Show?

Side Note: My favorite line of the episode was of course: "I'm not the one saying it, I'm the one listening to it."

Next week it looks as if the stress relief retreat is going to be more like a stress explosion disaster.
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