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History by Joe Giudice - Ep 5's Associate Producer thinks Joe could open up his own school.

By Andrew Herrmann

Jersey is full of talented guys -- guys who share history lessons, guys who are savvy businessmen, guys who are secret softies. However none of them seem to be able to solve the issues with Teresa and Joe. Enter the most unlikely mediator in the world, Rosie.

While you marvel at the powers of Rosie, let's look back at the most memorable moments from this week's episode.

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No. 3 - A Cannoli Runs Through It

Mixing business with pleasure seems to be cramping Rich and Kathy's style. Who knew collaborating on the cannoli kit would cause so much strife? I think these two will make it work though, they're just having a series of misunderstandings. Rich likes to do things immediately, but Kathy's more of a thinker. Once they get on the same wavelength (or resign themselves to working like the odd couple), they'll be a cannoli dream team.

I'm just hoping that the next iteration of the cannoli kit comes in a giant cannoli. Fingers crossed!

Side Note: I think Kathy learned the importance of throwing Rich a compliment about his outfit every now and again.

Bringing Business into Marriage
No. 2 - Mediation the Rosie Way

Never in a million years would one guess that Rosie was meant to be a mediator. But in Jersey, I think she's figured out the secret -- get mad, and then get over it! It's important to let out the anger, but once you do, you have to be willing to agree to disagree and move forward. Simple as that. Leaving the fight before it's resolved seems to be the consistent problem.

Also having a scotch or two doesn't hurt. We're not Amish here after all...

Side Note: Was anyone else very concerned for Rosie's hand?

Teresa Braces for Rosie's Wrath
No. 1 - History by Joe Giudice

Forget Funny or Die's Drunk History, I want Joe Giudice History! He needs to recap every major historical figure in 15 seconds the same way he did for Napoleon at the girls' soccer practice. It's like School House Rock BUT BETTER. Get this in every school in New Jerset STAT!

And as we learned last season, he's also a science expert as well. Once he starts lecturing on English and math, he might as well open his own school. Clearly he could teach shop and phys ed as well!

Side Note: One of the girls should totally be a history major in college, just so Joe can be a guest lecturer.

Learning About "Napoleon Syndrome"
Next week Teresa and Jacqueline finally speak, and you can guess who that's going down...

Teresa Dares You to Retreat
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