Jersey Gets Wired - Ep 15

Jersey Gets Wired - Ep 15's Associate Producer talks high wires and cheese doodles.

By Andrew Herrmann

The Arizona trip has come to a close, and our Jersey crew of course couldn't leave without making a splash.


"Jersey style!"

The bros got a little alone time at the pool where they scared away at least two other people with all their loud pool antics. Who wouldn't hightail it out of there if you saw someone running into the pool like this?


But amid all the goofing around Joe Gorga made a nice toast to Joe Giudice. Maybe Miraval is rubbing off on them after all...

Then it was on to the bonding activity for the day: tightrope walking for two. Let's just say no one had the greatest of ease, but it did force Teresa and Melissa to work together.

It seemed like they were inching forward with their relationship just like they inched forward on that high wire.

Until Melissa's birthday dinner where she gave a beautiful toast that left out one person... I guess Teresa and Melissa needed a higher wire.

So Caroline decided to keep it real with everyone and force Joe and Melissa to open about their lingering issues with the cheating rumors, because she's not doing another healing trip. Shouting and glass throwing ensues.

Teresa took to her blog to explain why she wasn't so thrilled with Caroline at that moment: "It's not my place to butt into how she deals with her family issues, and I don't think it's her place to butt into mine, especially when we're good!"

Although it did get heated, everyone reached a positive resolution to support each other and confront Penny, the cheating rumor source, together. Even Al got involved, telling them to work together so things can be like they were in the old neighborhood? (Side Note: Did they all grow up together in the same neighborhood? In any event you should check out these pics of Joe and Teresa from their childhood.)

Oh and Kathy enjoyed a carrot/cheese doodle somewhere amid all the yelling.


Hooray for cheese doodles and peace! As Kathy says in her blog, "So at this point you see that, the Gorgas, Guidices, Wakiles, Mazos, and Lauritas are a united front and no one can break that, no matter what!"

Let's hope the unity continues next week after Melissa confronts Penny

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