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Joyrides with Rosie - Ep 3's Associate Producer loves a cool aunt.

By Andrew Herrmann

My first question this week is this: 65 kids at a birthday party?! And not just kids, 65 tweenagers. I hope someone was passing out deodorant at the door. Now cut yourself a piece of birthday cake and hunker down while we look back at some of the best moments from this week's episode.

No. 3 - Pigging Out

I don't know how I'd feel if I pulled up to my home and a giant pig was just grazing on the lawn. Do you freak out? Do you drive away? Do you play it cool and run inside and then call the cops? I don't know, but as Chris pointed out, it was somewhat disturbing that neither he nor Caroline were very much surprised to find a pig in their home courtesy of Fran.

Side Note: Still not over how much Fran is a mash-up of Caroline and Dina. It's crazy!!!

Slowly Turning the House into a Zoo
No. 2 - The Birds and the Bees According to Joe Giudice

It doesn't get better than this. What I wouldn't give to be scooping ice cream in the background while Joe Giudice tells Gia she can't give a guy a kiss until she's 21. And that boys are "going to be asking for different things" and she shouldn't give them anything. And that a "hairy grill" is just part of puberty. Forget It's Perfectly Normal, just have Joe come and deliver the talk!

Now imagine this: Joe giving this talk to Milania. That will be one sass filled conversation.
Side Note: It was pretty cute when Joe said Gia's too cool to hang out with him now. And that they can call each other midgets and laugh about it.
The Boy Talk with Gia
No. 1 - Driving in Cars with Rosie

Joey taking a joy ride in Rich's Ferrari is hilarious. Joey stealing the Ferrari with Rosie is on another level. Now I'm a stickler for the rules, but it's hard to be mad at them. The sheer joy on Rosie's face (apart from when she got very heated about all the traffic) was priceless. And Joey has to be a pretty decent driver if he picked up how to drive stick that fast, right?

How shocked were you when Rich was going to discipline Joseph and then was just like, hey how'd it go? Oh Richie... And Rosie's right, cool aunts let you get away with stuff. You know the type, the aunt that would slip you a cocktail at a big family event and just say, "Don't tell your mother."
A Ferrari Joyride
Next week Joe and Teresa finally meet and things get...wet.
Caroline's Balls, Melissa's Father, and Teresa Drama

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