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Communicating with Rich

Kathy explains why she was getting frustrated with her husband.

By Kathy Wakile

Hello friends, 

Rich and I are in St. Louis tonight, and I am going to be with the L’Ecole Culinaire tomorrow surrounded with people who share my passion -- so excited!
On to the show. I have to just shout out to our JERSEY KIDS, because it sure was THE BEST way to start the episode. No matter what their ages, we can all agree that our kids are the best part of us! Whatever each of our accomplishments are, nothing beats our pride and joys!
And what a precious homecoming for Jacqueline. Just look at the way her kids hug her like they never want to let go. I think the only thing Jacqueline needs to do with her eyes is get special glasses so she can see herself the way we all do: beautiful. It's wonderful to see how much progress Nick has made, all due to the endless dedication that Jacqueline and Chris have put into his day to day therapy. So I think regardless of the reason, getting away to California was a well-needed break for her. But you see at the end of the day that home is where the heart is!Shopping with Rich… Hmmm, well let’s just say it’s always an experience. I sometimes think he needs a muzzle! Haha! Nevertheless, as much as he gets on my nerves, he’s a keeper. He really likes to see me get fired up, it's in his nature.
How funny are these manly men? My husband, Chris Laurita, and Joe Gorga going to a cigar bar and…they order salads!? Did anyone else find this and their party planning funny? I had to look twice to make sure I had the volume on and it was the guys talking and not my girlfriends in my kitchen!

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Texting During Sex?
And isn’t it the truth that timing is everything? Lauren and Vito are such a great couple. I'm glad Lauren is getting a chance to find herself before she takes the marriage plunge. And, personally, I like that she's playing hard to get with Vito. No offense Vito, I still love ya! I mean how cute are they together? They have a history and understand and respect each other. It’s great to see.
Aladdin is always our favorite supper club -- fantastic atmosphere and entertainment, and the food is amazing.
With Caroline living in Hoboken, it gave me a chance to get out of our NJ neighborhood and meet up woman to woman, walk and talk, and vent out some feelings I had that I knew she understood on some level.
When I got married my role was defined, and now years later that definition is changing. Change is always hard for anyone to accept, especially for two people who have been married for 22 years. Rich believes he is helping me, but I need to remember to really try to communicate what I want and need from him and not assume that he knows. Stay tuned and see what happens next. I’ll give you a hint: he is a good listener!Congratulations to Teresa for expanding her business ventures to a hair care line. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there for her product launch because I was out of town with a dear friend who needed my help, but I sent along my good wishes prior to the event to wish her much success. However, when I returned Teresa filled me in on how it went. All I can say is that I'm glad I wasn't there for the B.S. that started flying at the party. My feeling is that if you’re going to start talking, then you better stand up and fully speak up or else keep your damn mouth shut. All of this to me just seems too dirty for the beauty business! Honestly, with friends or acquaintances like these people crawling out of the woodwork, you need to question their motives and their stories.

Trying Too Hard to be Innocent

As the weeks progress you see how that all goes...That's all for now, have a great week everyone!

To find out about other appearances and what I’m involved in the rest of August and coming up in September, go to 
Also, you can keep up with what's happening with me on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter @kathywakile, @richardwakile, @victoriawakile, @josephwakile.

As always, my family and I really appreciate your kind words and support. Thank you always.
Keep it sweet,
xxoo Kathy

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