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Kathy's Connection with Her Father

Kathy dishes on her experience with the medium.

By Kathy Wakile

Hello friends. As some of you know, Rich and I were in Syracuse this past weekend for the NY State Fair, and although we had some travel issues, we had the best time because we were surrounded with people who embraced us -- it was awesome! Thank you all so much for your support!

As for our travel to Arizona, we were lucky this trip: we had no delays while flying and we were with the initial group that arrived at Miraval. Wow, what a spectacular resort in the desert of Arizona -- the skies and landscape were surreal. However, I think it was going to take a few days for us to decompress and get our Zen on. We were a long way from Jersey. I know we weren’t ready for Miraval, but was Miraval ready for us?
The first night with the medium, Tina Powers, was so unbelievable. We were both very skeptical about mediums and talking to people in the afterlife. However we’re open minded and decided to see what would happen. You can imagine our surprise when Tina started to mention things that no one even knew about. Rich and I both have such deep relationships with people who have passed on and our strong connections came through. That moment when we communicated was life changing for me and Rich; all in that room felt the depth.

Rich Misses His Father
Rich’s dad was a wonderful man. He cared for everyone in our family; he was the go to guy, and a man who had a huge heart. From the very beginning he treated me like one of his own daughters, and I always felt like I was. When Tina brought up the video, that just broke Rich. I think the hardest part about seeing your departed loved one on video is hearing their voice along with their image. Even though there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of our fathers, it was really profound for someone to tell us that they are with us and back it up with her comments, because we know he is with us, and we feel his presence.

As for me with my dad, I learned he believed that I had the strength to stand strong and he knew I was getting big love and support from Rich and my kids. He did not worry about me in the love department or if I would be taken care of emotionally. Realizing that he heard me, that was a spiritual moment. I always knew my father loved me. But if I’m being honest, at that moment, I just wanted to hear it. I’m sure you all can understand. It is hard to describe, but I will be forever grateful for that experience.
Contacting Kathy and Rosie's Dad
It’s been almost 11 years since my father has passed on, and there isn’t a day that I don’t talk to him. Sometimes I find his response through other people or situations and sometimes I don’t even look for a response, I just know. I know he hears me and know that he’s proud of me. After all these years, one of the most important thing that stands out to me in that last heartfelt conversation was his response. During his last days he wasn’t thinking of himself, he was thinking of his children. A true father till the end.
The next day after our trail walk, we got the opportunity to do a cleansing ritual and burn away some past hurt for a positive change in life moving forward. Each of us got to take a moment to write something down and watch it burn to ashes. It was nice to see Caroline always thinking about how she can help: good answer -- burn the worry. And for Joe to let go of the anger, Jacqueline to let go of the hurt, and for me to let go of always doing for others before remembering my own needs (something I know many of us do). It was nice that Teresa heard what we all said and formed a circle by calling everyone up to embrace hand to hand together.
Teresa's Burning Ceremony
It also felt like we were in a safe place in our relationships and could really talk and share about what we had all gone through together. Let me tell you, it felt good to finally let go of those heavy feelings that had been weighing me down.

I know not all of you will have the ability or interest to experience these “alternative” therapies, but if you do nothing else, make an effort to evaluate your lives and see where the old wounds are hindering forward progress and try to see your way past them.

Stay with us for some more revelations and some more laughs as we continue our journey through the desert and self-awareness. I wish you good luck and good love.
The Fears Come Out

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As always, my family and I really appreciate your kind words and support. Thank you.
Keep it sweet,

xxoo Kathy

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