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Recap: Cannoli Dreams and Disasters

Ep 16: Between Kathy's cannoli expo and Penny's reappearance, there was plenty of drama.

By Andrew Herrmann

Whip out your cannoli kit and fall right into this episode.


Sorry I couldn't resist.

Overall, it was a great day in Jersey this week. Teresa launched her Skinny Italian food line, and for the first time in a long time, she and her husband had lunch with her mother, brother, and Melissa. And they had fun!

We also learned that Teresa's mother is one tough pignoli cookie.


Back on Jacqueline's ranch, she and Teresa continued all their new horse-found friendship by spending some quality time. In horse masks.


Jacqueline enlisted Teresa's help to overcome her fear of public speaking and write her speech about her struggles with Nick. Chris however found this to be the most hilarious thing ever.

Terrified of Public Speaking
Joe Giudice and Rosie had their own play date and enjoyed a nice steak together while pondering whether men have eggs or not. Needless to say it was amazing, and if you want to see more of these two goofballs hanging out together and discussing everything from porn to the planets, check out our exclusive web series.

Melissa hit the studio after a meeting with big name manager Johnny Wright and worked on recording a new song.

Melissa Struggles in the Recording Studio

Well, maybe she's a little rusty, so it's off to an intense boot camp on Johnny's compound for Melissa. (Get a sneak peek at her time there in this preview!)

Melissa wasn't the only one working on her new career; Kathy cooked up a deal with Dylan's Candy Bar to do an event at their NYC store. Sweet! Setting it up may have been a snap, but packing up and getting to the event proved to be a bit challenging for Kathy.

Frustrated with Rich and the Kids

Never put Rich in charge of the business cards. Or poster board.

Somehow Kathy and her cannoli arrived on time, although her family was nowhere to be seen. But finally the rest of the crew rolled in ("fashionably late" as Kathy notes in her blog), and Rich proceeds to what may be the most beguiling smile in history.


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Guess he's glad everyone showed up?

Soon after the cannoli spectacular, the day of Jacqueline's big speech arrived. And she nailed it! You can tell he really clinched it because everyone was all teary -- the most important sign of a successful speech.


If you want to cry over sheer adorableness, then check out these home photos of the Laurita kids. Also important to note: Lauren tripped.


Never wear boots on a basketball court, ladies, the results could be embarrassing.

Just when everything seemed to be on the up and up, the notorious Penny makes an appearance, which can only one thing: trouble.

Who's Behind This Cheating Thing?

She seems to have changed her tune and wants to pin all the rumor drama on Teresa now. What?!

Never fear though, Teresa's confronting Penny to get to the bottom of this next week. You won't want to miss it...

What's the Truth Behind the Rumors?
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