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Gift Ideas for Nicole's Boyfriend

Amber thinks Bobby could have come up with a much more creative Christmas present for Nicole.

By Amber Marchese

Hello RHONJ friends, welcome back! This has been amazing week meeting and talking to some of you. I am so grateful to have you all in my life and I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me, as well as the other newbies! 

How to Watch

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I wanted to clarify a few things from last week before I get into the details of this episode, especially after reading the twins' blogs (I can’t help myself). The only thought that comes to mind with them is… chill out! None of us should take ourselves so seriously, especially considering we signed up for a reality show. I really hope everyone can see that I like to cut up and have fun. I am giggling the entire time during my interviews. There will be moments that I tease others and moments that I get teased, nothing more than good-spirited fun. We are not curing cancer, nor am I conducting my oral thesis for a PHD.   

I do have to make one point about my term, "Guidette Book of Etiquettecy." OK, everyone, if you are going to give me grief every time I make a grammatical error, you are going to have a lot of material. Yes, I did graduate from an Ivy League school, but that was seven years ago and I have been a mother ever since. My brain has officially leaked out of my head. I have traded in my books with subjects that included neurophysiology, physiology, brain adaptation, and neuroplasticity to Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. 

OK, time for me to poke a little fun (again, I can’t help myself)! Speaking of made up words, if you saw TeRESA’s house tour she made up a new word "orientated." Now, that is a completely new, made-up word and I am jealous that I never thought of it. If the grammar police wish to assist the needy, they should start at home with their family. Could someone please tell the twins that being Italian is not a tradition, it is an ethnicity.  A tradition is an act which a person, family or entity repeats on a regular basis.  A tradition in our house is making gravy and meatballs on Sundays. 

OK, now on to the episode. I thought that this episode was so fun to watch! I loved seeing how each family spent their holiday. I can feel the love everywhere and it was so beautiful to see!

Ginger Bread Houses

We had so much fun building the ginger bread homes. However, I had no idea how hard it was! It took thirty minutes to get those babies up, and when Sebastian purposely knocked it down…oh boy! I remember that it took at least another hour for the kids to come down from their sugar highs. I loved watching that moment play back for us. Watching them grow up and be silly is the best part of life, I feel so blessed to have it caught on camera.

I hope you all could see how much fun we have as a family. I believe it is the little things like building a ginger bread house which bring families closer together. And yes, I do actually try to make even St. Patrick’s Day perfect. On St. Patty’s Day, all the milk and toilets turn green, we have corn beef and cabbage, and we set traps for the leprechauns. The little ones still think we will catch a leprechaun one day if we put enough gold to catch him.  Fire Drill

Safety is so important to me. If God forbid something where to happen to my babies that I could have prevented by simply preparing them, I would die. We live in a time where the kids have fire drills and lock down drills. I just want to reinforce these things within the home as well. If you have ever witnessed a "lock down" drill at your child’s school, you know how intimidating it can be. I want my children to put that fear and anxiety out of their mind and focus on getting themselves out of a dangerous situation. It really is a matter of life and death. I know it looked serious, but we tried to make it somewhat fun for the kids. My kids are very competitive, so timing it to make it a race was a lot of fun! 


Joe and Melissa

Jim and I were cracking up with the scene of Joe struggling to bring the Christmas tree up the stairs. That scene replays itself in our house every year, so we can totally relate. I am still cracking up as I type this. And, when Joe put his tongue on the pole! That is so funny! Joe dispelled any doubt for me if the scene in A Christmas Story was real or not. 

Teresa and Joe

All I can say is, wow, the Giudices are slick parents! That is impressive that they were able to keep the new puppy a surprise until Christmas morning! I loved to see the children's’ excited faces! I wish them all the best with their little cutie pie. It is also so nice to see how close Teresa and Joe are. Watching them in front of the fireplace was heart-wrenching for us. We hate seeing anyone go through difficult times, especially loving parents.

[video_clip_url:]Nicole and Bobby

I have to say, that was some present Bobby gave to Nicole. Nine months together and Nicole invites her "boyfriend" over for their first Christmas with her mother and what does he get her? A tacky pink shoe wine bottle holder. We are talking about a man whose family is the owner of a car empire and he gets her a shoe, not even a pair! It is not about how little money he spent on it, it was lack of thought that went into the present. I could think of a thousand other presents to give to Nicole that would mean so much more to her. Perhaps getting her a necklace with her sons’ initials? That is inexpensive, and her boys mean the world to her. I think the best though, was when Nicole’s mother, Santa, called him out on buying it at the Colts Neck Pharmacy. For the record, he must have bought the shoe at the Colts Neck Pharmacy, because I have seen it there, too.  Score one for Mom calling out bullsh-- when she sees it.  


Dina and Lexi

Dina is seriously a cool mother. It was a beautiful moment for her and her daughter to share when throwing the rocks in the river. I imagined that moment with Isabella. There are so many emotions going on there: happiness, proudness, and sadness. As parents, all we can ask for is to have amazing children, like Lexi. We know we did our jobs as parents. Nice work Dina, she is making you proud. 

Teresa and Rino

I totally get when Teresa says there is something so special about having your children go into the family business. I feel the same way about my children. I hope all the boys follow in dad’s footsteps. It keeps the family close together and allows you to take on challenges as a strong family unit. Giovanni is a sweetie, and I can see a future chef and business owner in the making!  

As always, I welcome your feedback! Thank you all so much, God bless and see you next week!




Twitter: ambernmarchese
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