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Amber's Book of "Etiquette-cy"

Nicole was shocked by what Amber had to say about her guests.

By Nicole Napolitano

I would like to say I am excited to be part of this amazing ride. The last few months on social media and tweeting with the #RHONJ fans have already made it all worthwhile for me. I really feel the love, and I hope the fans love this season.

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Of course some mixed emotions watching the first episode. I most definitely laugh and smile as soon as I see my family. My brother-in-law Rino is crazy hysterical. He is funny when he is not drinking, but once he has a few under his belt…oh boy, there is nooo stopping him. Let’s say it is not the first time I’ve heard “I’m going to Florida” or my sister saying, “Rino why are you acting like this?” 

Listening to Amber’s comment regarding “etiquette-cy” (her word) and the insulting things she had to say about our guests was surprising -- I would never insult anyone who attends a party at my home. So as for Amber, I think it’s time for her to get her “etiquette-cy” book out and turn to Chapter One. My own suggestion would be to count her blessings everyday instead of counting how many pieces of cheese your guests picked up with their hands. Who really cares? When I have a party, it’s all about good friends and good people coming together to have a fun time without passing judgment.

Let’s move on to the more important issues in life like divorce and death. Going through my divorce was the hardest time in my entire life. I felt for Dina as she opened up that part of her life to the world and let people in. It’s not easy to do or go through!

Watching myself talking about my divorce was extremely difficult and painful. Especially when I see my children up on the screen, it is heartbreaking. Opening myself up makes me feel too vulnerable and is an extremely scary feeling, because that was a time in my life I wanted to keep as private as possible.Watching Gia and seeing Joe’s dad broke my heart. Gia is one strong girl to open up like that and not hide her feelings. It was very sad to hear Joe’s dad speak about always being there for the family after just recently attending his wake. Again, it was very sad to watch all the heartache this family is going through being a mother of two and a daughter myself.


Seeing Victoria during the season preview at the end of the episode is like seeing a big garbage pail in Teresa G’s kitchen. We know only trash can come from her! She’s yesterday’s newspaper and the only thing you do with yesterday’s newspaper is wrap fish in it. 


Fun, laughter, sadness, drama, idiocy -- all part of life!  My love again to all my amazing fans out there, and I hope this is your favorite season yet! XOXO

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