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Siggy Flicker: Teresa Giudice Changed My Life

Siggy shares the impact one chance meeting had on her health.  

By Siggy Flicker

After suffering for years with fibroids, in 2015 I was scheduled for surgery to remove inflamed fibroids that were causing me a great deal of pain. During the procedure, the surgeon, Dr. Nimesh Nagarsheth discovered a pre-cancerous tumor on my ovaries.

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With me on the surgical table, Dr. Nagarsheth stepped out to the waiting room to ask my husband’s permission to do a full hysterectomy. Michael Campanella was forced to decide on the spot on my behalf with thoughts of his mother who he had lost to breast cancer. He knew that for my sake and the sake of our family it was best to do the full hysterectomy.

I woke up with my body In full shock. I thought I was going into surgery to have fibroids removed, and I woke up with a full hysterectomy. I wasn’t prepared, physically or emotionally.

It has been a long and interesting road being thrown into menopause. As I recovered from the surgery, I investigated how I should cope with the changes to my body. I experienced hot flashes, fatigue, mood changes, weight gain, decreased sex drive, sleep problems, and I became overly emotional.

I looked into hormone replacement. In anticipation of that protocol, I had my breast implants removed. But there were risks, including a potential for breast cancer. It was overwhelming.

Fast forward to a trip to Boca Raton with Teresa, Dolores, and Melissa. On our return from Boca, Teresa sat next to a gentleman on the plane who was reluctant to tell Teresa what he did for a living. Turns out he was a doctor who worked with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Teresa told Dr. DeSilva all about me. By the end of the flight, Teresa had me booked to see Dr. DeSilva and Dr. Donvitz. My appointment with them led to the customized pellets you witnessed.

I learned that my body was lacking in testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy uses plant-based hormones that are identical to the hormones within the human body. These pellets release the hormones that my body was lacking. For me, the results have been amazing. I haven’t suffered from one hot flash in eight months!

It wasn’t easy sharing my story, but I did it and will continue to do so for one reason...if I can help another woman out there, it was worth it for me to share.

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