Dolores Catania: My Trust Is Once Again Tested

Dolores Catania: My Trust Is Once Again Tested

Dolores Catania explains why she can no longer help Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice fix their "communication problem" and why she feels so can no longer trust Frank. 

To start, I hate how I try to be the mediator and just end up getting dragged into another fight between Melissa and Teresa. I initially felt that Teresa was being unclear when talking to Melissa about how she wanted Melissa to tell Joe to see his father more, in a way that wouldn’t offend him. That is simply what I was trying to convey to Melissa, but she thought I was siding with Teresa. Once again, as always, Teresa and Melissa are having a major communication problem. I’m hoping they somehow find a resolution soon, but I doubt I can keep helping them try to find it.

Jennifer has an absolutely gorgeous house and it was so nice seeing how excited she is about the beautiful future she has with her kids and her husband. 

Next week my frustration with Frank pours over into my conversation with little Frankie. My trust is once again tested and makes me doubt whether I can still maintain the relationship I have with Frank.

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