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Jennifer Aydin: Nothing About Me Is Fake

Jennifer explains why she was “scared sh--less” in Oklahoma and why she thinks Margaret is a bad host.

By Jennifer Aydin
Jackie Goldschneider Opens Up About Her Struggle with Anorexia

Tough crowd! Anyone else feeling Marge doesn’t like me? Oh good -- then I’m not alone! Let’s start logging the number of eye rolls that were given by Margaret.

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Eye roll one -- The choosing of the rooms:

I don’t know what barn some people were raised in, but when I was growing up, if we had guests come over our house, my parents would always give up their bedroom. It’s so crazy to me how people are getting fixated my five Chanel bags, but no one is noticing the lack of hospitality by Margaret. I left my husband and five kids to be with these women, not so I can be isolated by myself. Marge said that she was “scared sh--less” herself, the first time she ever went to Polly’s ranch. She’s had time to get used to it. I’ve never been on my own. I shared a room with my sister all my life and didn’t move out of my house until I got married. And now, I’m at this huge, rural farm and you think I’m going to be comfortable sleeping in a trailer by myself? News flash! I’m scared! This is everything I pictured Oklahoma to be! Acres and acres of land, with no one in sight to hear you scream. And I didn’t see Margaret volunteering to sleep in the trailer either. She is the host -- she is supposed to be the gracious one. We are all here per Margaret’s invite. If someone comes over to your house for dinner and there are two pieces of steak, do you give the small one to your guest and keep the big one for yourself? No, you are always more hospitable to your guests! I don’t know why it’s so difficult for this woman to be gracious, especially since she preaches about it so much like she knows what it is. She obviously doesn’t. I have no idea where I’m going to sleep. I wasn’t aware that guests are supposed to fend for themselves. But seeing how I had too, the room that I picked is instantly snatched away from me. “I’m sleeping in that room!”, says the woman whose guest I’m supposed to be! And then, when she said I would have to sleep with her, which I’m totally OK with, she ends up running away from me anyway -- to Polly’s room! Not that I was in a rush to sleep next to her lovely, pale, wide, flat...head, but I was willing to do it in order to be a team player. Maybe my Chanel bags scared her away. She may not be comfortable with things she’s not familiar with. Margaret had Polly, Jackie had Melissa, Teresa had Dolores. But who did I have? Nobody.

I’m two seconds away from calling the hotel and paying for my hospitality since I’m not getting any here.

And let’s just talk about my Chanel bags for just a moment. Some women pack shoes, which I am now learning, is actually more acceptable than bags, but I pack bags. I wasn’t sure of exactly what was on the itinerary but I was told to overpack and bring 2-3 options a night. I’m not a big shoe girl -- l like to accessorize my bag to my outfit!

And know this about me! Unless it has a Chanel tag on it, I do not pay full price. I am a fan at the end of the day. I’ve worked my way up to this luxurious brand that I’ve always admired and looked up to. I am not ashamed of that, quite the opposite actually I am so proud. It isn’t my tagline for nothin’!

Eye roll number two -- The piano:

She rolled her eyes when I told her I had a piano that no one ever played. I was then going to attempt to actually share a beautiful story about my younger brother who is a musician and how he loves the piano but couldn’t afford one so I bought one that he liked so that he can share his love of music with my children and we can enjoy hearing him play. But when I felt her nasty eye roll I decided to myself that she wasn’t worth my beautiful story. What do you care anyway if someone has a piano just because they want? Is it really deserving of an eye roll? Bully!

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Eye roll number three -- The sunset:

I was definitely not trying to one-up Polly. I saw they were enjoying a beautiful sunset, and I thought it would be a great way to bond with the woman if I can share this coincidental experience with them. I never said mine was better. Go back and listen. I was saying how it reminded me of a similar, BEAUTIFUL, sunset! Yes! I said it! That Oklahoma sunset was so beautiful that it reminded me of something else that happened to be beautiful also. I never said mine was better! I posted the picture with the hashtag #mysunsetisbetterthanyours only because Polly posted her sunset earlier that day with that caption as a funny dig toward me, so I just returned the favor! I never thought mine was better. I thought they were both beautiful in different ways. It was said in an effort to bond and show how we had things in common and maybe initiate a possible friendship. Of course, perspective is everything. I had no idea that they were taking it so offensively. Obviously, that was not my intention. But narcissistic people usually think every comment is somehow directed towards them, that’s just their insecurities playing out. One-upping someone is when one person gets a brand new Toyota and another person walks in chiming in that they just got a Mercedes. But what if the person who got the new Toyota has just met someone who also just got a brand new Toyota. Wouldn’t those two people look at each other and discover that they have something in common? I am so surprised that it had the opposite effect on these women. I bet you Polly didn’t even think that until Marge sunk it into her head.

And I don’t know how Margaret asks if my necklace is real. Isn’t that “taboo”? But seriously, I don’t wear fake sh--. Nothing about me is fake. Which is probably why we are not getting along.

But what I do know is that I would never do anything to knowingly isolate or embarrass a new girl. On the contrary, I would do whatever I could to make that person feel as welcome and as comfortable as could be. It was bad enough that I ended up in a room by myself in a house with complete strangers! And now you want me to go into a trailer by myself? How much more do you ladies wanna isolate me and push me away...Margaret!

I’m going to stop the eye roll counting because you obviously get the idea. And Margaret has said so many ridiculous things during this trip, and I have respectfully not rolled my eyes once - and yes it’s true I will not spend $500 on just cowboy boots. That is a Halloween prop for me, it’s something I will never wear again. It has no value to me nor can it sustain its value, so in my eyes, it’s not worth that kind of money. “You’re gettin’ two bucks!” Remember?

On a more positive note, I’d just like to say that I think Jackie is so brave and strong to share her story. I don’t know much about anorexia and I’ve never met anyone that had it (not that I know of anyway). But if she can get through it, then she is a beacon of hope for all the girls out there struggling with an eating disorder. It puts things into perspective. There are a lot more serious issues out there than the petty drama we are all participating in right now!

And I wanna say thank you to Polly for opening up her beautiful, “rustic looking” home! I’m not the “one upper”, I’m the “me too-er!” Try to remember that!

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