Jules: A Lot Has Happened to Me Over the Past Year That I Can't Change or Control

Jules: A Lot Has Happened to Me Over the Past Year That I Can't Change or Control

Julianne Wainstein talks about her tough year and her positive attitude for the future.

I try to live by the same lessons and values I teach my kids, like for example, "You can't control or change other people's behaviors, but you can control and change your own." A lot has happened to me over the past year that I can't change or control but what I've learned is that by taking control of my life and destiny, I can change my future, my kids' lives and maybe even help others if I'm lucky.

Control has been a big issue for me throughout my life -- eating disorders are not about food (so no, "eat a burger" isn't helpful advice in case anyone was wondering!) but rather about control, so this is a critical time to challenge myself to take control of my life in positive ways, like taking care of my children and parents, working to keep myself strong and healthy for the long road ahead and building my own company. Modern Alkeme is a project that I have poured my soul into and I'm so excited to share it with you all and hear your thoughts. This healthy, all-natural elixir is a treasured part of my heritage and vital part of my daily health and beauty regimen, and I truly believe it will help people everywhere look and feel their best!

As for me and the other RHONY ladies, the second half of the season is underway and the fun and drama continues. The dog wedding was adorbs and it raised a lot of money for a great cause! My "shmushky" has healed nicely (in case anyone is asking!) and I'm getting to know some of my fabulous fellow Housewives better as the season progresses; they're a fun and crazy bunch and there are a lot of kind souls in the room! The outpouring of love and support I've received from family and friends, fellow Housewives and fans of RHONY during this challenging time in my personal life has been truly heartwarming and inspiring. I plan on doing everything in my power to make everyone who has and continues to support me proud!

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