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Julianne Wainstein: How did this go from Bra to Brawl?

Jules is hurt by the things Bethenny has been saying behind her back.

By Julianne Wainstein
It's Not a Good Look

Wow. How did this go from BRA to BRAWL? One minute you're the, you're NOT the mostest.

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Here I am at this party and I haven't even tried on a bra yet. Let's do that. Isn't that what we came here for? I just met Carole, she's on point, but she's already talking about my weight. Who does that when you first meet someone?
The comment about my body does not bother me, though. This type of conversation is not new to me... I know it's not coming from a bad place, because it comes from a place of concern. Don't be worried about me, I am worried about YOU worrying about me...because I have experience in this area.
I embrace all body types whether thin or curvy, and if I'm going to make a comment based on someone's physical appearance, it is only going to be a positive one, unless I have real facts that support a need for concern. All women are beautiful.

John.... John... John... A bra party is not the place for you. Party crashing a chick party...maybe not the best idea. You were walking into the lion's den. I was shocked that they behaved with each other in this manner leaving me to play referee.

I knew what I needed to do to diffuse the situation and that was to get John out of there. It was the elevator ride to freedom. John, I got you outta there and safe. Just because Dorinda and John introduced me to the group does not mean I will not call it how I see it. However, I make sure I do it at the right place, at the right time. Let me remind everyone.... I've hung out with, spent the night with, conversed with Dorinda alone and with John. They don't need me to stick up for them, although they are my friends, and if they ever needed me, I would be there for them. I have an understanding of them and most people do not.

That car ride to the Hamptons...Oh Em Geeee... Mother... Doctor... I wear many hats. So glad Rio is so chill, cause double the pleasure is not double the fun. I love my home out there. So peaceful, so much much construction! Haha Shabbat Shalom--the only ingredients that really matter is family.
Oy vey... When they're not coming for Dorinda, they're coming for me...over the phone! They called in the middle of dinner time, and I was cooking for my kids! Remember, I'm the only REAL housewife on the show! Bethennycan only see through her Bethenny-colored glasses. It's her way or the highway. No room to step into someone else's Manolos and walk a mile in them.

She may be instinctual, but no mother should ever criticize another mother's parenting. Having children is challenging but yet rewarding, and I have two amazing children to show for it. I must be doing something right. Don't throw stones at glass houses. I would never criticize anyone's parenting, business, health or her life... At this point in the show I respect everyone very much and I'm hurt watching what's going on behind my back. Calling me someone with "special needs" is cruel. I just don't want to get involved in that drama, and it makes me uncomfortable. I remembered feeling upset that night being put on the spot to talk smack about my friend Dorinda. Ramona is right, I do not like to get into other people's drama, and I am very laid back when it concerns other people's business.”

Is Jules Picking the Wrong Horse?

I've always tried to reach out and do my best to respect people and listen to people that have more life experience than me. I look to them for guidance and advice. I'm over here, trying to just keep the peace and NOT be involved, so I made a joke about the elderly, because I was saying how I expected everyone to act differently that night. I didn't mean to offend anyone at all, and I'm so sorry if I did. It was said during my confessional being silly. I am 10 years younger than the youngest housewife, so I had a little humor--no biggie.  I believe all the girls know I would never hurt a fly ,and if I did it was unintentional. 

I'm happy that Dorinda and John stayed with us that weekend and everyone was comfortable, and I'm also glad that Dorinda had din with the girls. Sisters before misters. It's great when you can argue and fight but then sit down at a nice dinner and speak your mind eloquently and with reason and concern. It was wonderful to see these ladies talk it out. And that's what I call acting our age. I admire and am intrigued by each one of these women so far.

Let Me Be in Denial

Until next time...

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