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Luann de Lesseps: I've Finally Met My Match

Luann talks about meeting Mr. Right and thinks the other ladies are not being good friends to Sonja.

By Luann de Lesseps
Bethenny and Luann Are Not Off to a Good Start

Last episode, you met one of my mistakes, and this episode you get to meet Mr. Right! I had a very brief fling with Rey, the guy John ejected from his party, but I knew almost immediately that there was something off about him. He’s a hot mess, and I’m too old to take on any improvement projects. I’m looking for a man who is intelligent, confident and sexy and who has a great sense of humor, and I think I’ve found that in Tom. I knew when Dorinda introduced us that he was someone I wanted to get to know better, but the timing wasn’t right. We texted back and forth yet we couldn’t seem to coordinate our schedules. Luckily, before Thanksgiving, I ran into him, and immediately the sparks began to fly. I didn’t feel the need to loop Ramona in at this point because our relationship is new and I wanted to keep him out of the fray as long as possible. Wouldn’t you?

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Ramona, Sonja and I made Page Six after the incident at John’s party. I was mentioned as leaving the scene before John kicked out Ramona and Rey. John’s quote, “I took out the grime” was spot on! As you can see, Ramona is a hypocrite when she judges our partying, because she’s as bad or worse when it comes to having a couple of drinks and letting her freak flag fly. She’s incapable of seeing how when she gets buzzed, all hell breaks loose. When she told her side of the story at Bethenny’s caviar party, you see how she omits any wrongdoing of her own and blames the entire incident on John. He wouldn’t have kicked her out had she not jumped in to defend Rey who most definitely needed to go. Jules saw the whole thing go down and was ready to fill the girls in on the rest of the story when Dorinda arrived at the party. The girls shut down this discussion out of respect for her. Dorinda’s heard enough about how Ramona feels about John and she’s losing her patience with Ramona’s antics. In fact, this constant conflict with Ramona is making Dorinda anxious and is destroying her inner peace. Not good.

Dorinda Is Feeling Lost

I planned the dinner at Empire Steakhouse so some of the girls could meet my new man, Tom. He handled himself marvelously, charming my friends and ignoring John’s inappropriate remark. Tom and I are very much alike, and I’m not surprised that Dorinda would match us up. We both laugh at the same jokes, and he’s incredibly smart, successful and we are both close to our families. I’ve finally met my match. We’ve been inseparable since we met, and things are moving really fast in the best possible way.  

Did Dorinda make the right choice to exclude Sonja from her Berkshires sleepover? I don’t think so. Sonja’s feelings were hurt even though you see how gracious she was to Dorinda by agreeing to visit alone. Sonja hasn’t always surrounded herself with the best people, and I’m trying to mentor her into expecting more from the people in her life. Bethenny’s comment that it’s like the blind leading the deaf was rude. I like to have fun, but I also have good judgment when it comes to my friends. I will not waste time with people who detract from my life; instead, I surround myself with people who make my life better. One of my best mentors said to me, “Get rid of the negative people in your life to make room for the good ones.” These women are not behaving like Sonja’s friends. I don’t think Sonja will regret missing this trip when she sees what happens in the next episode.

Until next week, God bless.

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