Sonja Morgan's Most Memorable Quotes

Sonja Morgan's Most Memorable Quotes

It's hard to believe some of the things that come out of Sonja Morgan's mouth, especially when it's a tooth.

We have Sonja Morgan to thank for five seasons of fun times, lavish living and outrageous sayings. Thankfully, she always speaks her mind, which oftentimes leads to hilarous one-liners. We've complied the best of the best #Sonjaisms. Feel free to attempt to incorporate some of these into your everyday conversations -- at your own risk.


Though not exactly known for her great advice, Sonja does have a point.


Something Bethenny Frankel knows all too well. *Cough cough Tipsy Girl cough cough*


Sonja gave us this gem in the beginning of Season 5 while hosting a party with the ladies, who were apparently being "stale."


Sonja got into hot water after making a similar comment about LuMann, er, Luann de Lesseps, but doesn't seem to mind when it comes to describing herself.


Sonja's drinking habits have been a topic of conversation for many seasons, but she's not shy to admit that she enjoys her beverages!


If life is a game, we want to be on Team Sonja.


Sonja told this line to Amy Phillips' RadioAndy show, referencing the RHONY ladies that think she has a drinking problem.


It's no secret that Sonja's life is far from boring, so why would her wardrobe be? She types this line while talking about her toaster ovens.


More wise words from Sonja about the most important men in her life -- her dogs of course!


We have the girls trip to Montana to thank for this classic line.

Sonja Morgan Gets Cabin Fever


Sonja referred to herself as the straw after not getting invited to a Bethenny celebration.


Luckily for us, this occurance isn't a one-time thing.

Show Highlight
Sonja Morgan Loses Another Tooth


Sonja Morgan’s Walk of Shame


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