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No Fashionista Here

Why cookbooks are far more thrilling than clothing.

By Bethenny Frankel

You spent some one on one time with Alex before the Pamella Roland show. Can you expand on your impressions of her, her husband and the scene overall?

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The scene was definitely amusing. Alex is very serious, while I'm definitely a joker. I practically raised myself and grew up on the racetrack walking horses at 5 am since I was 5 years old. Other children were at ballet and I was at the betting window, the jockey's room and then at the track for the day. Perfect child-rearing was hardly part of my parents agenda. I was my mother's 20th birthday present, so she was still a child herself having come from an abusive, dysfunctional, cheating childhood herself. Violin wasn't part of my curriculum.

That being said, I'm a survivor. I'm a bit tough sometimes to a fault, but I feel that pushing too hard won't get you anywhere. Children have an identity early on. You have to identify that, let them be free a bit (it's the only time they'll get that opportunity), so I joked with Alex a little. Truthfully, you can be the worst parent and have a great kid and vice versa. Everyone does the best they can, and I applaud Alex and Simon for making such a huge effort. I was just being myself and she was a great sport. Different strokes. From Ginny Hilfiger to Pamella Roland, the show has shown you to be pretty well connected in the fashion world! Any other designer friends we haven't met?

Truthfully, I am by no means a fashionista. I have various business contacts in that world, but typically fashion week isn't on my calendar. In fact, I have no idea when it even is. My girlfriend Alison Brod is a publicist who represents brands such as Pamella Roland, Rosa Cha, Shoshanna to name a few, so she invites me. I also have a relationship with Stacey Bendet whose line is Alice + Olivia. It was my invitation to the show that Ramona and LuAnne went to. I was working that day so I couldn't attend and told them to go.

Another very close friend is John Varvatos, the men's fashion designer. His was my first show two years ago. The shows last 15 minutes, so if I'm invited, I attend without it interfering with my business schedule. Unless someone lends me something, I wear what I already have in my closet. I don't take it all so seriously. It's simply entertainment with a little bit of business mixed in. Ginny hilfiger and Tommy, however, are wonderful people, and Ginny is a dear friend, so we really help each other out whenever possible. She provides me with chic, elegant and minimally sexy clothes and I get her name out there. She's really building a brand outside of the shadows of her famous, talented brother. Her line is available on This was the big fashion week episode! Can you shed some light on what the week is like? The shows, party and overall scene?

I really can't give any insight. My work friends invite me, I show up and then I leave. I really have no connection to the fashion or so currently controversial "socialite" world. I work, and if work includes social, then that's part of the deal. Thus far, I've never been to a fashion show post-party. I'm not on that radar.

I'd like to add that Bethenny Bakes has just gotten into A&P stores (350 store chain) so I will be starting a supermarket appearance tour. To me, this is much more interesting than fashion week.

My first column launched in the newly revamped Health magazine (in March) and I am a TV health expert for them as well. My column will be in every month and it's called Celeb Diet Secrets. The new muffin recipe is called Mariska's Joyful Heart Muffins named after my friend and Law and Order actress. Her charity is The Joyful Heart Foundation, which benefits victims of abuse.

In addition, I signed a multi-book deal which I will be able to discuss next week once press release comes out next week.

I will also be extending my contract for Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals as their spokesperson. Lastly, to sign up for my newsletter to receive updates and recipea, please go to my website Bethenny Bakes to sign up and we will keep you posted on all appearances, news articles, secret recipes and even invite you to help me name my new products. Winners will receive prizes. Thanks for watching and reading.

Busy B Xo

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