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Scrappy And Very Unedited

Thoughts and recaps to the season and NYC reunion.

By Bethenny Frankel

You called Alex out on a few things -- wanting to be a socialite, the state of her home, etc. Why do you think she disagrees with you and the other ladies on your impressions of her?

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I believe Alex disagrees with us because they truly are very harsh words, difficult to hear, and she has to defend herself and her family as any woman would. I feel bad because it isn't that i judge someone by how much money they have or how nice their home is (I live in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan, which is nice, but by no means a royal palace). I was just taken aback that their home was in disarray because of the image of luxury, lavishness and "society" that I felt they had portrayed. As for the term socialite, its definition is: a socially prominent person. I find the whole discussion and term vulgar. There was a part on the show that was edited out where I gave my true opinion on the term socialite. As for the "real socialites" that have been vocal about their disdain for the show and the nerve for some of us to act like we are socialites: I have never acted like I'm anything, and anyone whose biggest aspiration is to be "socially prominent" is as pathetic as anyone trying to be.

If Alex and Simon had any interest in being socialites, this show may have changed their views. Alex and Simon have taken a lot of heat and it is upsetting. However, this is what you may be subjected to if you agree to open up your life to the world and agree to be on a reality show. I think they had very warm moments in the last episode, and I think that it is entirely clear that they deeply care for and love their children. I believe that if they had simply been open about the things they aspire to have, that they want to meet interesting people and "better their station in life", that people would respect that. It is very difficult to have cameras on you and trust the process and how you will be portrayed for the whole world to see. this process is definitely a learning experience.

Ramona walked out when Alex's photos were brought up. Were you surprised by her behavior?

I was absolutely not surprised at her walking out. Have you met Ramona?

Do you think it was justified?

Justified? I have never claimed to be the expert on what one should and shouldn't do. I did find it to be a bit dramatic and for effect, but how could I possibly know what was going through Ramona's head. I was, however, surprised Ramona took such a moral highground about the photos. We are on a reality show. We are not on Seventh Heaven. Anyone who enters into this process better get ready for anything to be thrown at you. What Alex does bears no effect on Ramona's life. I was also a bit surprised since Ramona is the self-proclaimed sexy one who kissed a former playmate in front of her 13 year old daughter. I don't know where she draws the line. I suppose it is drawn between being associated with taking your clothes off in Playboy versus In Touch magazine.

How did you feel about the photos?

In the original photo that I saw (Alex had a mask on) I thought her figure looked beautiful. I glanced at them and went back to my lunch. The more raunchy ones were a little bit surprising given that she told me they weren't of her bottom half and that they were a celebration of her body. That was some celebration! However, I truthfully don't judge. Alex is a very kind, intelligent, caring woman, and what she does in her life is absolutely her business. She has to understand that there will be flack because her life is public, but she and her husband are a strong team and they don't care what anyone thinks. I respect that. Who am I to judge anyone's choices? I may make running commentary throughout the show, but I never profess that I am any better than anyone. They may not respect much of what I do. I'm by no means perfect. To each his/her own. Now that they're out there, I hope she does very well with them and that she doesn't have any regrets -- truly. Real_Housewives_NY_108_16.jpg

Your relationship was front and center once again in this episode. Do you ever wish people would just drop it and mind their own business, or do you welcome the advice?

It is not as harsh as wishing people would drop it. I was harsh with Jill at my birthday, and that was simply an accumulation of endless questions about my relationship. I love Jill dearly. I didn't mean it literally and Jill knows that, and I respect that people thought it was harsh. I am very rough around the edges, scrappy and very unedited. Sometimes I go too far, but without those slipups, I wouldn't be the brutally honest person that I am and have been all season. I think it is extraordinary and beautiful that people are concerned and interested and reach out. It's human nature to want to know what goes on with others. We are voyeurs. It's why our show is so successful. How could I possibly be upset? The number of letters and emails and baked goods orders I've received on has been astounding. I read them all and I'm so touched by all of the advice and compassion I've received.

Andy referred to you as the "Greek Chorus" of the show, and you mentioned you're a comedy snob.

I think Andy means that in between scenes, I weigh in and assess the situation. It's how I am in life. I am a passionate people watcher. Truth is stranger than fiction, and the things we all do on the show are far more entertaining than something scripted. When I say I'm a comedy snob, it means that I choose to associate with people who are either funny or get the joke. I don't take myself seriously, and I am totally willing to be the brunt of the joke as well. When I rambled like a moron to Alex and Simon then was filmed saying I wouldn't tell strangers my personal affairs I was laughing harder than anyone. I laughed out loud for much of this season, which is very rare in reality shows. You may be shocked, but it's rarely funny.

What (or who) makes you laugh the most?

On the show, without a doubt, Jill makes me laugh the most. I pray for one of her outlandish outfits so I can make a comment and see her laugh. Just today, we went to plant trees in Harlem for New York Restoration Project. Jill arrived in a satin Dolce and Gabbana blazer, a fur trimmed Prada coat, diamond earrings that I could fit around my ankle, a necklace with several stones -- need I continue? She told me she wanted to wear her team Jill t-shirt with skull and crossbones but Ally wouldn't let her. Jill is comedy and doesn't know it. She can take a joke and loves when I bust on her. We cry together. I can't wait for the next outfit and chance to tell her "less is more". Jill, please never change; I love you just the way you are. And I have to admit. You are Laverne. I'm Shirley.

I also die over Kathy Griffin. She's my hero. How's Cookie??? We here at the office can't stop watching her eat carrots.

Da Boo Boo, the Snuggle Bunny, Muppet Peanut, Chunky Monkey (she's a Lhasa Mix, to answer everyone's question) is the best. I love her more than anything on this planet. She was very ill and she is now on the mend and on very strong chemotherapeutic drugs. My assistant Molly, my driver Karl (hopefully you'll meet them next season), Jason and I give her constant loveez, snugeez and never leave her alone, so she is happy all the day long. Cookie eats carrots and popcorn. Her myspace page is Please visit it, she needs more friends! She is a little chubby which is shocking because of what I do for a living, but we love her just the way she is. I think she may be a closet eater.

Any final thoughts on the reunion or season as a whole?

Oh my god, I truly cannot believe the phenomenon and frenzy this show created. I expected nothing of the sort. I was just thrilled to work with Bravo because of how much I love their programming. I thought the reunion was stressful and anxiety-producing and a place to air SOME of the dangling grievances that we and the audience had.

I have to say that this is the most thick-skinned, strong group of people I've ever met. One moment I'm telling Alex her house is a shambles and next, she is asking me how I am and I'm talking with her about work and giving her the name of a website to buy a soda machine and stay "green". One minute Jill rips Ramona's eyeballs out and the next they are hugging each other goodbye.

This was the most unexpected, bizarre equation/combination of individuals that simply worked. For the record, I don't believe Simon is gay. When I made that funny comment, I had never met him. I think he is very much in love with his wife. Lastly, Jason is the most incredible man I've ever met who is simply "not that into being on television" versus not that into me. He isn't insane like the rest of us, and he has no interest in living his life on camera. For me, this was an incredible, irresistible opportunity to build my business BethennyBakes by partnering with Bravo, the most incredibly talented group of professionals I've ever worked with.

Thank you, Bravo, for capturing me perfectly, accurately and authentically. For better or for worse, what you saw was me. You all really know Bethenny. xo B and cookie

Was there anything you wanted to bring up that you didn't get a chance to?

Please sign up for my E Newsletter at so I can send you recipes, tips, my appearances and some funny pictures and videos of cookie. Thank you so much for watching. I'm welling up with tears just writing it. The outreach has been incredible and I will miss you all.

To Luanne (Mrs. De Lesepps): You are incredibly graceful, you know exactly what to say and I admire you're ability to keep it to yourself. I skipped that day in school.

To Jill: Thank you for calling me a "skinny bitch" and dragging me to meet the Bravo producers. You have definitely changed my life and I love you and your endless rants.

To Ramona: You are a wonderful mother and have an incredible daughter which to me is the most difficult and impressive feat in the world.

To Alex: You are truly charming, kind, sweet, beautiful inside and out and you really can take the heat without getting burned. You can come in my kitchen anytime.

To Simon: You are an incredible father, husband and housewife, and you gave me my funniest lines of the season.

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