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Tinsley Mortimer: Luann Seems Unable to Focus on Anything Other Than Herself

"I’ve really never seen this degree of arrogance."

By Tinsley Mortimer
Sonja Morgan Is Going All In

Poor Sonja. I totally understand how visiting the Morgan house, Ventford Hall, started her on a downward spiral. Her daughter is a Morgan, and she has such enormous respect for that powerful family. I’m sure it’s difficult for her to actually “go back” and revisit a past where she felt secure and happy.

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I am happy that Bethenny is finding comfort in feeling that Dennis is still around with the signs she sees. I, too, believe in such things and see the signs from my father all the time. It’s very comforting to believe that the people you love who are no longer physically present are still somehow in your life and caring for you. 

Luann’s weird entitlement issues don’t appear to be over. Though I have known her for years and know she enjoys the Countess “thing,”  I’ve really never seen this degree of arrogance. She seems unable to focus on anything other than herself and her needs.  

Luann de Lesseps' Alcoholism Is Bringing Things up for Tinsley Mortimer

I have to say, though, she really surprised me with her wisdom and kindness when I shared my feelings about my dad. I feel so guilty feeling anger towards my father, but it’s because he was the MOST fabulous dad anyone could have. Never once through my childhood did I see him have more than an occasional cocktail in the evening. I never saw him drunk. It was after he and my mom divorced and he decided to spend most of his time in Palm Beach that he fell into the routine of parties every night. No one really works there, and it’s so easy to start bad habits. I miss my dad.

Dorinda totally cracks me up. Watching her spar with Barbara was absolutely hysterical. At one point, I actually thought they would resort to fisticuffs! First with her snarky toast to Barbara “surviving” the shark room, then “go get a hammer,” and my favorite, “meet me at Home Depot.” I think this might have even outdone her “I made it nice” and “clip!”

Why Is Tinsley Mortimer So Upset?

Luann was right. Why didn’t I take the truth instead of the dare when Bethenny posed that question? It would have been so much easier. Though I love Scott, dealing with his issues of privacy is difficult. Perhaps I do appear to “walk on eggshells around him,” and I am confused by his constant breakups out of the blue. Calling him and putting him on blast in front of a bunch of hyenas giggling in the background would most decidedly NOT be a good idea! I would rather lose this ridiculous game of Truth or Dare than lose Scott. I have to figure a way to put this puzzle together successfully or I’m afraid this relationship is over.

See you next week!

XXO Tinsley

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