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Ask the Countess: Proper Attire

The Countess answers your questions about invitations, attire, and cell phone manners!

Dear Countess,
When going to a first university visit, what is the proper attire for a young man (14)? He has been invited with the juniors to go see Ball State and Northwestern but everyone I ask just says for him to wear jeans. Is this correct dress code?

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Hi Parent,
I say this in my book "better to overdress than underdress." I wouldn't want Noel to wear jeans - think khakis, a button down shirt with a sweater or sports coat is appropriate for his visit! First impressions are everything. Good Luck!
The Countess

What is your take on cell phone privacy. Do you think it is acceptable to look in your significant others cell phone if you are suspicious? I am trying to get over some trust issues with my on and off boyfriend of 5 years, and he hates it when I "snoop" in his phone but every time I feel suspicious and look in his phone, my suspicions are usually confirmed. Is it rude and out of line for me to look? Or am I within my rights?

Hi Christin,
If you can't trust him and have to pry into his cell phone, you might think about finding another guy? He's already proven he can't be trusted. This is unhealthy behavior on your part and quite frankly you deserve better.
The Countess

I am planning a college graduation party for my daughter. Is it proper to include the party invitation with the graduation announcement? The invitations were professionally printed, but are a little bit larger than the announcement. If both can be sent together, would it be acceptable to use the larger envelope from the party invitation as the outside envelope?
Thanks for your advice!

Hi Viewer,
Congratulations! I think it's perfectly OK to send them together. Use the party invitation and send them both. Cheers!
The Countess

Dear Countess,
I am going to the opera tonight. I saw that Alex planned to wear a FEED bag! Is this appropriate? What is appropriate opera attire? Thanks!

I think Alex's top was different and chic. Also consciously green, love that! She can dress up the top with great earrings and pair it with a beautiful skirt...I hope she doesn't forget her Jimmy Choos.
The Countess


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