Raging Piranha

Raging Piranha

Bethenny Frankel sounds off on the dramatic season opener.

The rack has been lifted. So who knew that my breasts and figure would be the root of so much discussion. Let me clear a few things up: my breasts have been lifted. Back in high school, I was a d and even then they were saggy. I lost weight over time and eventually they were a saggier C. A few years ago I had them lifted and they are what they are now.


As for exercise, I wishfully do yoga 2 to 3 times a week. I used to be a spinaholic a stepaholic and a gymaholic and my body probably remembers (muscle menory) so what I do now is enough.

Truthfully, diet is 90 percent of the struggle which is why I wrote my book Naturally Thin. I'm older, thinner and more fit and I have unlocked the secret.

Sorry to disappoint, but that's the only surgery I've had. The nose, cheekbones and all of the other things commented upon are real for better or for worse.

When I read the article in The Post, I couldn't believe that they gave our minutia and nonsense such a bold headline. People must be very bored. Jill has never met a battle she doesn't like. Jill will always fine a way to justify a dramatic argument and gossip. To know her is to know she loves gossip and to love her.

Alex and Simon live in the land of silex so most people don't live on that planet. It wasn't awkward seeing Alex in the Hamptons. I couldn't care less about minutia. I'm too busy. I was just winding Jill down.

When I described Kelly as a "real" socialite, it was really a regurgitation of things that others have said. I hate the word and idea of socialite. Anyone who aspires to be social for a living is absurd. I don't know her very well. We're all strong women with our own unique personal style.

My first impression of Kelly was that she was tall and fabulous — it was years ago.

I call Jill a "raging piranha," but other nicknames for the cast would be: Her countessness, diarrhamona of the mouth, Alex 'if they stop talking start worrying' McCord.

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