Can't We All Just Get Along?

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Jeana describes the differences between NYC, OC, and Atlanta housewives!

This week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York is my favorite episode so far. Seeing all the girls dressed in costumes - Roller Girl, Elle from Legally Blonde - I loved it! Kelly looked amazing as a Playboy Bunny. Bethenny's impersonations of Simon and Jill are so funny - do me next Bethenny! The girls seem to be getting along better and I really like that - women picking at each other bugs me. I love the closeness and caring the OC girls have for each other. It appears that the New York girls are starting to emulate us and realize how childish it is to not be supportive of your colleagues. Maybe all that time together filming the A-List Awards has rubbed off! We had the best time trailer-hopping and hanging out with all the other housewives. We are all so different. The New Yorkers tell it like it is, the Atlanta girls kill you with charm, and as for the OC, we are...what can I say...perfect!

Tamra Barney’s son Ryan has been struggling with painful broken bones and insurance issues, Parents should make sure that their children, if they're not in college, have insurance. The minute they aren’t taking 15 hours worth of classes, they aren’t covered by mom and dad! Of course all of us know a wonderful insurance agent, Vicki Gunvalson, to help us get the best possible insurance for our kids. Forget the Xbox and clothes - give the a gift of security and buy your kids health insurance.

Gretchen and Slade call me once a week to check in and update me on events for Gretchen’s charity for Jeff Bietzel. Gretchen has been exposed in the press a lot lately due to her stalker ex-friend. I would hate it if someone stole my college pictures and put them online. I always tell my kids, don’t let people take your picture in situations that you might not want to see 20 years from now when you are running for a position in office or working for a large company. Human resource heads are going back to Facebook and MySpace to get a feel for potential employees. Your reputation is all you have - so protect it! This is character building stuff for Gretchen and she is handling it with grace and humor - I am not sure I would do the same. I think my friend Guido would be out looking to break noses for me!

On April 29th The Real Housewives of OC cast is helping Sir Richard Branson launch Virgin Airlines, OC to San Francisco! It sounds like a great event and we are so excited to meet royalty! The closest I have ever been to royalty was meeting the President of Botswana in Africa, and of course Princess Lauri Peterson!

Shane Keough has joined the Stockton Port’s high A minor league ball and will be playing in Bakersfield Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If anyone is in the area, give him a shout. He is playing well and getting some hits. He has made some great catches in the outfield and I love listening to his games on the MILB website. There are no 4-star hotels in Bakersfield - what’s up with that!? The back seat of my car looks better then the accommodations there!

Losing weight makes you so much more aware of what you are putting in your mouth. My Duzoxin has cut my appetite - I feel great and have tons of energy. I went to Houston for an Amerisciences conference this week, great fun and learned a lot about nutrition. My dad is legally blind, and I am interested in learning how to prevent these health issues for my own well-being. Macular degeneration, I guess I have a bigger chance of getting it if it is in my genes.

I went to Lakewood, the mega church in Houston while I was there and loved the message about not surrounding your self with negativity, and don’t covet others greater fortune, cars, clothes or looks. God gives us what he needs us to have to fit his plan for us. I loved the message Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria gave us and felt so energized and renewed after the sermon. My personal favorite was Victoria talking about how watching her favorite trash TV to see the clothes, made her realize we all need to dig deep into our hearts and realize that isn’t what we wear but who we are inside. I so agree, although I felt everyone in the church looked at me when she said that! Trash TV sounds like a good name for a new show! It was so fun to go to another church, I go to Saddleback with Rick Warren and it is fun to get a new perspective and meet tons of new people. I had friends of Gretchen’s come up to me. Thank God they didn’t have any embarrassing photos with them! She went to Baylor and she has some really nice friends from her college years. Speaking of college, Kara is coming home for the weekend! I hope to get to see her, her boyfriend, UCLA Baseball Blair Dunlap has been hitting home runs and a grandslam and she is coming in to see a few games and celebrate! She is doing her finals and should be done with school in a month. I can’t wait until she is home to get a job - I mean I can't wait to spend some time with her! I know the saying nothing in life is free, but paying for two kids to live away from home...ouch. Thank God real estate is finally picking up.

Last but not least, Colton has been the best son ever this week. I am so proud of him and the man he is becoming. We had two local boys die in a car accident, Mark Motley and Zack Rafferty, two funerals in a week, I am more then ever aware life is short, spend it with positive people, help others and try to make a difference in the community. As Maria Shriver has said on many occasions, don’t look to government to do all the work, help out at your schools and get involved. Have a great week. Pray for the families of Zach and Mark and tell your children to slow down and stay off the phone while driving.

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