Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows

Kelly Killoren Bensimon describes the irony of being a 'socializer.'

While I was studying at Columbia University, flying around modeling, writing papers in airports, and studying in hotel rooms, I was fortunate to have a writing Professor named Professor Zielger who encouraged me to start writing about my life: where I went, what I did, and what my impressions were. No filter. Just write. (My sister is my biggest writing fan. She was actually the one who pushed me to write.) From the day I started writing, I quickly realized that being a voyeur is what everyone is intrigued by. In my Socializer column that I wrote for Page Six magazine, I wrote about all the parties, events, and activities I attended. I love hanging out with my kids, watching all sports especially hockey, basketball, and baseball, and going to unusual parties like the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, or Stephen Sprouse's collection at the Deitch Gallery, or going to concerts at Madison Square Garden. I have attended even the car show, because of my love for cars. Whatever piques my interest, I check out.

Whatever piques my interest, I check out.

The irony about me being the Socializer is that although it so sweet to be invited to parties, I can only stay for a short time because I have to take care of the kidlets at home, who always say, "Don't go mommy, stay and watch TV with us." (Ugh, how can I leave with that sweet comment? So, I go and come back "quick quick.") I also have the school of thought that stopping by and hanging out for a bit is better than not going at all, and sometimes I have more than two events to go to, so here we goooooooo.

When I first married my ex-husband, he was always out of town, and so he encouraged me to go to dinners and events he could not attend. So, quickly I was invited to a lot of events because I was always in town, I had babies, and I loved meeting and learning from all these new eclectic people. After I started writing books, and working on magazines, journalists and photographers started asking me questions and taking my picture. It is always strange to see a picture of myself. I constantly think, why didn't they chose x,y, or z?

It is always strange to see a picture of myself. I constantly think, why didn't they chose x,y, or z?

Life is a juggling act, and raising my girls as a single mom has not been easy, but it is a lot of fun. I feel so fortunate to have my two little ladies. They are definitely my biggest asset. Everything else is just part of the day. My favorite question of the day is: "Ladies, what was the high and the low of the day?" We always take turns asking each other – it is a good way to see what affects them every single day. What were the high and lows of your day?

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