Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll

Kelly brings Ramona to Richard Meier's model museum.

Since we last spoke, I had fallen off a horse, and got back on. I met Ramona at the Hampton Classic horse show, ran into my great friend photographer Steven Klein, (he took all those pictures of Madonna in W magazine with her new boyfriend) and watched Luann's daughter ride. There is nothing more disappointing then to have a bad ride at the Hampton Classic horse show, especially for all of us who are not professional and love the sport as an amazing hobby.

This week, I was interviewed on Cosmo and Maxim radio. Those guys are so funny. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and they make an interview fun and conversational. It is one thing to be asking the questions, it is another to be interviewed. How do you respond to some of the crazy questions? All they want to know is who I am dating. That is all anyone wants to know.

I then hosted a lunch at Saks Fifth Avenue on the 8th floor and had to walk through the shoe salon, which is probably the closest thing to a candy shop for women. I am the name and face of Saks Fifth Avenue's new line, WEAR. Figuring out what to wear everyday is seriously daunting, but with a little color and a belt, and you are on your way to having fun and looking feminine. Check out for a quick interview on what to wear, where to wear, when to wear, how to wear.

After the cobb salad at the Saks luncheon, I raced uptown to pick up my girls from school so we could get home. That same night, I was hosting a party for the new DKNYMEN fragrance launch and had to get ready. My older daughter practiced the piano as my younger daughter danced around the house in her ballet leotard while the dogs barked like crazy.

When I got to the DKNY party, Blake Lively, Kim Razer, model Mark Vanderloo, and Eric Mabius were all ready to hang out with a bevy of hot male models, the penthouse of the Rivington Hotel, and New York City as the back drop. If you go on you can check out all the fun pics and the great strapless DKNY dress I was wearing. I then went home to watch Episode 4.

I have another TV show called Behind the Hedges, which appears on PlumTV. I already interviewed one of my dearest friends architect Richard Meier for his new book MEIER, which came out in the summer of '08. You can watch the interview on We go to his office, check out his new book, meet the actual model maker himself, and then we go to his house in the Hamptons, which is an old farmhouse with spectacular grounds, especially if you think a lawn made into a series of waves is cool. I think it is insanely cool. So, when Ramona wanted to meet me and have a glass of wine or have lunch, I tried to think of a better plan. I don't drink during the day, and I think that activities build better memories than having drinks.

So, I invited Ramona to explore the Richard Meier model museum with me, and she was ready to roll. I was impressed by her knowledge, but embarrassed by the way she took over the tour. When you listen, you learn. This was a very special tour, which I had arranged for her. Ramona's enthusiasm is unleashed. I am glad she enjoyed the museum — it is one of a kind.

Last night, I had a birthday party for my assistant, Taren Dolbashian at the Submercer bar under the Mercer Hotel in New York. Taren is a great assistant who works really hard on everything from jewelry to passports. The drinks and laughter flowed way under ground. I drove in early from the Hamptons to meet her at 10pm. For those who know me well, I am not a late night person. But for Taren, I came back early. They even have a stripper pole in the bar. I hung back with some of my friends wearing Converse sneakers, my favorite Rich and Skinny jeans, and my Ralph Lauren blanket coat. If you go on my facebook page, I am sure you will see the pictures.

Gotta take the little ladies to ballet, and eagerly awaiting my new jewelry line which is coming out soon.

Don't forget to check out my panties and yoga pants at the Bravo Shop for a portion of the proceeds is going to help the research for the neuroblastoma fund. Hopefully, more infants inflicted with cancer will have a chance to smile.


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