The New Charity

The New Charity

Kelly talks A-List, her date with Max, the Saks campaign, and more!

While the press is having a field day with "Kelly was fired," I was in Los Angeles for the Bravo A-List Awards, and to work on my new jewelry line, which will be in stores soon.

First to clear the media air, models aren't on staff so they don't get fired, it's not a 9-5 job and we are not on Celebrity Apprentice. When the press is writing about me like that, they are clearly searching for content. I am flattered that they write about me, and a close friend who also works in the media said that I had really made it, because the media is crazy to find anything to write: good, bad, or ugly. So, in the spirit of media, keep the press coming - it makes my brand and all that I am doing stronger and more recognizable. The good news is that America knows II was the name and face of Saks Fifth Avenue's new brand, called WEAR. The line is really hot for it sold out within weeks, and they held an amazing luncheon for me at the Saks store on 5th Avenue in New York, which is featured on my television show, Behind the Hedges on So, out of something bad came something great. Being the name and the face of Saks was so much fun, I got to style, model, and talk about what women need in their wardrobe. I had a great time modeling and working for Saks. Retail is just like working in a magazine, except they create their own product too in addition to selling other lines. I was so impressed at how the Saks team forecasts future fashion so distinctly. My first fashion show as a model was for Saks in Chicago, so I have a strong affection for them. More importantly, I am happy that the collection did so well. It is a strong testament to who they are as a major department store.

The A-List Awards were so fun and I got to meet all the housewives. They could not be nicer. The women from the OC are all very hard working ladies, and the women from Atlanta have amazing infectious energy and awesome taste. Their killer bags and the gold toe nail polish make a recession look good.

The models from Bravo's show 'Make Me a Supermodel ' loved the way I walk, which I thought was so funny since I was so nervous.

At the awards, we walked in a fashion show, and the best-dressed housewife, who borrowed clothes from Fred Segal, will be able to donate 10,000 dollars to a charity of their choice. It was so interesting to see these women try on clothes and search for the perfect outfit in one hour. To some the hour seemed an eternity, to others finding something cute took minutes. I chose Jenni Kayne's black mini dress for 190 dollars, and paired it with Martin Margiela's rocker inspired high heels for a Boho-rocker look. I wore my own pave cuff, and a feather necklace. The models from Bravo's show Make Me a Supermodel loved the way I walk, which I thought was so funny since I was so nervous. I felt like I was in Teen Magazine's modeling contest when I was 16, and still as nervous.

After the show, I worked with Mouwad who I have a deal with for jewelry. He works with me, Heidi Klum, and Nicole Richie. They even made the million-dollar bra for Victoria's Secret. My line, which is inspired by pave, has price points that range from $40 to $250. I took the Indian princess off the reservation and put her in the disco. In upcoming episodes you will walk step by step with me on how to create your own line. NeNe is crazy about the line, and that woman has awesome style. Even, Tori Spelling was admiring my new cuffs without me saying a word. I was so flattered by their enthusiasm. So, keep your fingers crossed that the line does well.

NeNe is crazy about the line, and that woman has awesome style.

As for the show, finally the viewer can see a new kind of housewife. I am extremely charitable, but I feel it is important to do the best that I can do, rather than have women push me into it, which makes me uncomfortable. I have gotten a lot of heat for sticking up for myself. I have a lot of pride and integrity. Jill was impressed how I handled the situation, because I emailed her after the meeting to ask her privately what she needed. I think she felt badly that the women were so aggressive with me, and they don't even know me. I brought in the highest priced ticket items next to her, according to Jill. I was so happy to help her - I was just shocked at how the women attacked me. I went to the meeting to get the information, and I left having to defend myself. I also did not want to commit to something I couldn't follow through with. How many people say, "Oh yeah, I will have it done" and they never do it? In the sandbox, if you ask nicely, you will get what you want. I am still working on how to navigate in their sandbox.

And then, there is Max. Max is an Argentinean businessman, sailor, polo player, professional skier, incredible athlete, and a gentleman. After being married for 9 years, it is shocking to me that Max likes me, let alone wants to go on a date with me. I am shy, very shy, and Max makes me so nervous, and being filmed on a date with Max would make anyone nervous. Ahhhh. He is a charming, spontaneous, lovely, and well-raised man. Spending any time with Max is always fun. We love the same things, and get along really well. He is very low key like me, and loves activities. More importantly, he is incredibly gentle with my two girls. But not only is Max fun, he is also one of the most well mannered men I have ever met. I had so much fun spending the summer and fall with him. Wait 'till you see what happens with Max. You have to stay glued - it is too good to miss.

I am shy, very shy, and Max makes me so nervous, and being filmed on a date with Max would make anyone nervous.

Don't forget, whether you love me or hate me, you will still see me on the show. I knew there were going to be millions of eyeballs, and so I created a small athletic line specifically for the show. A portion of the proceeds from the line goes directly to the neuroblastoma fund at Memorial Sloan Kettering. If I can run a marathon to support these children, you can buy a pair of panties for 10 dollars to make a child smile.

Have a great week - you are going to freak out over next week. It's just too good.

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