These Are The Facts

These Are The Facts

Kelly shares her reaction to Part 1 of the dramatic reunion episode.

I was so taken off guard by "The View with no viewpoint" style of interrogations on the reunion show that I said, "the facts are this..." From the moment we walked into the Cipriani Wall Street venue the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Is all the blogging, bickering, blaming, and berating just part of the show, or do these women really feel they can police one another? Most of the time, I just sat there listening to the back and forth commentary of: you said this, and now I wanna say some really mean to show America how really mean I can be. It was so incredibly odd to watch and be a part of it. When I spoke about my recent issues that have appeared in the gossip pages, I quickly recognized that these women were reading word for word everything that was written by gossip writers. I was thinking to myself that was great kudos to the gossip of the world. Yes, out of high school, people give credence to gossip. The women were even interrupting me and telling me the facts of all the situations surrounding me. Writers are entitled to freedom of speech, and they don't need to print facts. They can editorialize and sensationalize, and yet somehow their words are interpreted as fact. Welcome to New York, the media center. As far as the specifics of the show, I am not going to rehash what you can TiVo. I will, however, say how I was truly embarrassed that they were fighting over fighting, crying over crying, and talking just to hear themselves talk. Alex is very well mannered. She says what is on her mind, and makes very clear points. Good job, Alex.

I don't know where all this jealousy stems from. Who cares how Alex got her book deal, she has one. What an amazing journey for her. Why the jealousy towards Ramona? She is a brilliant woman who is maximizing on her presence on the show. The jealousy and mean-spirited nature was so crazy to watch. And on top of it all, the hottest topic of the season: "I don't acknowledge these women." So, because they feel I am not their best friend or trying to be a part of their clique, they've deduced that I don't have many female friends. What? With friends who talk like that, who needs enemies? I have more than three friends - I was making a point. I don't care who you are, or who your daddy was, or who you are married to, if you are a good and honest person, we will be friends. I am nice to everyone, I even threw the crew a thank you party for being so nice to me, and the housewives got mad. I was also befuddled at how they are so sensitive to hearsay, and why they are so competitive and jealous. It's fundamentally weird. Bethenny, I have to be honest, Tommy Hilfiger and I know each other better than I know you. The New York Times magazine article said it best: Bethenny started the fight for no reason, and couldn't get out of it. Even in Ally's room, she just wanted to fight as long as the cameras were rolling, and my eyes were rolling. Why is Bethenny so obsessed with associating with the "fabulousity crowd?" The crowd does not make a baker good; the baker makes a baker good. No, I didn't know these women from before, and for some reason, they have a bone to pick. It doesn't make me a piece of anything, it makes me real.

Regardless, I survived the first reunion episode, my skin color isn't orange, and the fights were so good that they made another show. So if you like the high volume catfights over nothing, verbal sparring, and reality TV uber fodder, than stay glued to Thursday night. It gets better, the claws come out, and no one is purring.

The "cute' necklace I was wearing was made specifically for the show. A portion of the proceeds are being donated to the Arthritis Foundation for Research. Ally inspired me to help her and do something on a bigger scale. Good job, Ally. Please go to to purchase the necklace.

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