"You Don't Acknowledge Me"

"You Don't Acknowledge Me"

Kelly discusses her relationship with Max and her showdown with Bethenny.

The truth is that I am very a sensitive person. I hate confrontation, and I am annoyed by the soap opera/mafia sit-downs. I am a very easygoing person, and I don't ever come across these types of moments in my every day life, so I honestly don't have experience handling confrontation. I just want to enjoy the life I am so lucky and grateful to have.

I tried to be nice to Bethenny at the Jill Stuart fashion show. She chose to fight with the new girl, and was rewarded with press and airtime. She did what she set out to do, and honestly, what is wrong with that? It's a TV show!

We speak two different languages. I don't need to get to the bottom of why we had an argument, nor do I like to be policed on a constant basis. What's in the past is in the past, and we are working together, so let's move on.

I am always nice to everyone. But, as I always tell my children, not everyone is expected to be friends. You always have to make the effort to be polite. Bethenny and I don't travel in the same circles, and we have some mutual friends, but I rarely see the cast outside of the show. That isn't good or bad - it's just different.

If Bethenny wants my attention I'd rather do something with her that is fun and productive, rather than indulge her negative behavior. I just wanted the conversation to be over so we could focus on the real reason I was there. Jill invited me over to help with the charity meeting, and I wanted to get started.

I was married for nine years and I am extremely shy and nervous about dating. But like everything in life, dating is a fun, organic process that should be enjoyed. Most women remember a first date and love to talk about it. Men like to sit back, watch, and wait to see how women react. After a couple of months, men settle in. I like to meet a lot of people and have fun. I've dated a couple of amazing men. Max is one of those men. We met last summer. We have a lot of fun together, and he supports all of my endeavors. He is adorable with my kiddies. I brought him to meet LuAnn's nieces because I knew that all three women would love Max - and they did. It was funny that the minute we started talking about men, Max walked in.

I am not secretive about my relationship with Max - I just don't have any expectations. I don't know the women well enough to divulge personal information that I'm still processing. Who knows what is happening or what will happen. I have a twin brother, so I feel very comfortable with men. For now, I am enjoying meeting a lot of new people. Mr. Right will come and find me.

I was so happy to be invited to Alex and Simon's home in Brooklyn, as I had only been there one other time. I went early so I could spend some time there without the other wives, and to see the home renovations. Simon gave me a tour, and loved playing show and tell with me. I am charmed by his enthusiasm, and had fun seeing where Alex and Simon live.

My new jewelry line hits stores soon, so get ready to see the new collection. You are going to love it.

And don't forget to buy something from my clothing line, which supports the neuroblastoma fund at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Keep watching! It's going to get so good.

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