On Board!

On Board!

LuAnn talks boarding school, surfing, and Rosie's return!

I'm not a big surfer, but as Bethenny invited me to come along with her (when invited it usually means they graciously invite you or they ask you to split the cost upfront) I thought it would be fun and it was a great time. I love sports in general and play a lot of tennis, love to swim and take long walks on the beach to keep in shape.

Ramona has the right to her opinion and I understand how she feels.

I think boarding school is great for girls who want to go. It is a family decision. Victoria chose the school herself and we were totally supportive. What people don't know is that we see her every weekend, as the school is so close to home. Ramona has the right to her opinion and I understand how she feels. Victoria is not a big fan of the city so for her, boarding school was a great option.

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. What would we do without Rosie?! She had a much deserved holiday and I was amazed to see what great shape she was in. She's grown her hair long and I love that new look on her.

My husband never misses Victoria's competitions and we were both upset that she was called into the ring earlier than anticipated. This is just how the horse world works. It was not the best show for her, and she was disappointed with her horse when he refused the jump. My husband came right after she showed and was there to console her after a long day at the show.

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