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Dancing Queen

Ramona talks charity event meltdowns, Bethenny and Jill's blowout, and unlikely dance partners...


It's hard to believe our season is over - it went by so fast!

First I like to clear something up about skincare. Botox injections are an instant, temporary fix by the eyes, which lasts three to four months. Anti-aging skincare revitalizes the skin and improves skin texture over time, something that Botox does not do. It also minimizes wrinkles. It is important to use skin care whether it is mine or someone else's. Botox does NOT do what anti-aging skin care does. If I had to make a choice, I would do skin care only and forget the Botox.

Now that summer is coming up, let me share some tips. The best way to lose weight is eat half portions of everything! Also I have been stepping up my exercise routine, and to help decrease my appetite I take one Duzoxin tablet late in the morning. It has been working!

I really need to thank each and every one of you who has purchased my beautiful jewelry I wear on the show from and those of you who have supported my last HSN show. The next show will be June 3rd at 9PM!

Now on to our final episode, and what an episode!!! I walked into the charity meeting knowing Jill would want to be on the step and repeat, so I have to admit I wanted to egg her on, and call her on it. I know Jill so well now. I really do feel if you are chairing or on the committee of an event, it is a conflict of interest to self promote. Jill said to me, "Ramona, either we are both on the step and repeat, or we are both off." Jill and I were able to resolve our differences. I really did not want our disagreement to become a bigger issue, so I agreed with her decision to self promote. I made peace by saying we would both have promotion on the step and repeat. At the time, it just seemed to be the best way to solve the conflict.

Bethenny's posters over the bar would be seen for hours. They were huge and there were so many of them! What was she thinking?

Jill had every right to be upset about the posters Bethenny had displayed all over the main room at the event. Bethenny never said one word about the liquor signs, and she should of informed us at the meeting, or another time before the day of the charity. A step and repeat is something that is seen for two seconds, and it is subtle. Bethenny's posters over the bar would be seen for hours. They were huge and there were so many of them! What was she thinking?! I have to say I really liked the poster Alex created of Bethenny in the martini glass. The logo had a retro look and it was very tasteful. I don't think Bethenny thought it through before having it out with Jill. Jill and I worked out asses off all day from 9AM right up until 5PM. None of the other women showed up to help. The only reason we noticed the promotion is because I decided to make sure we had enough white and red wine to serve all 300 guests, as not everyone likes mixed cocktails.

Sure enough, there was no pinot grigio, hardly any chardonnay and very little red wine. It was nearly 5PM, the party was about to start, and there not enough wine. Someone messed up on the bar and I started to take care of it. Then low and behold, I looked above at the bar, and OMG, I was faced with several huge signs - too many to count! I screamed for Jill. We were both in shock and decided to leave several signs up, but Jill had every right to take them all down. We left a message for Bethenny on her cell phone so she knew what was going on. For her to approach Jill the way she did the night of the charity was wrong. We were the hosts and all eyes were on us. It was not the time or place to pick a fight. I really thought Bethenny's veins were going to explode from her neck, and there would be blood everywhere. When she came over to me, I knew I just had to try to calm her down, and thank goodness I did. She finally came to her senses and did the right thing by Jill. We all ended up having a great time.

I really thought Bethenny's veins were going to explode from her neck, and there would be blood everywhere.

I am so sorry that the scenes with Avery redoing her bedroom never made the show. She was upset as well. Everyone was decorating this season and Avery redid her entire room. She herself worked with the designer Rona Landman of NYC. Avery was filmed five different times. The room came out fantastic I will put photos of it on my Facebook page for everyone to see. It came out so well that Mario and I are always hanging out in her room. It is so modern and hip looking. Avery chose the colors - lime, hot pink, and turquoise. We could not find wallpaper for the two walls so Avery came up with the idea of stenciling them. The whole room was all of her ideas working with the decorator. I am so proud of her. She really is remarkable!


I CANNOT BELIEVE I danced with Simon, what was I thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???



Now get ready for the reunion. It was so crazy that it needed to be TWO episodes. All I know is I sat next to Andy Cohen, sitting opposite me was Jill, Bethenny and LuAnn and they must of been on something. Before I could even answer the questions Andy asked, darts flew from the opposite couch at me, and I still have the marks to prove it!

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