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Look Good, Feel Good

Ramona shares why she's not going under the knife any time soon!

By Ramona Singer

I want to apologize for not blogging last week. We taped the reunion show last Tuesday and it took me several days to recover. I felt as though I was beaten up (verbally that is) and I am scared to see the footage. So fans, GET READY!

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My daughter is my pride and joy and has turned out to be a remarkable young lady. I have always treated her with respect. I've spoken with her about my trials and tribulations in business so that she can learn from my experiences. That is why when I was doing the tape for HSN she was making me nervous. I knew I would be taking long pauses, but would eventually pick up my momentum again, and of course being my daughter, she noticed it immediately. I would expect nothing less from her, as she has learned well. There is a lot of truth in the saying: "The apple does not fall from the tree." The tape came out great and I am looking forward to my upcoming show on HSN in the beginning of June.

I think many people are too quick to go under the knife. There are so many alternatives to plastic surgery. I always pursue subjects that interest me, and I have researched anti-aging skincare and methods to maintaining a youthful face and body. Working out regularly is important, but a little help from the vela smooth machine is a great way to tone and eliminate cellulite. The vela smooth method works with a laser and has replaced the Endomology machine. In this episode I visit Dr. Sharon Giese, who recently made the top cosmetic surgeon list in the New York Times. She is a plastic surgeon who also offers many procedures that do not involve cutting. I think that plastic surgery should be held off as long as possible. I have already reached fifty years old, and I am proud to say that I have yet to go under the knife, and maybe never will. Maintaining the overall quality of your skin is so important - that's why I developed Tru Renewal anti-aging skin care. I worked and consulted with Dr. Sharon Giese on my skin care line.

Everyone gets brown spots on their face, no matter how much sunblock they use. That is why the IPL machine or the newer Matrix machine is so great. I could go on and on about the alternatives to plastic surgery and the importance of keeping your body and skin healthy. Some people like buying expensive gowns or purses, but I enjoy spending my money on ways to stop the aging clock as long as possible, or rather be in the best physical shape that I can for my age.

I was surprised how much I liked the kitchen that Alex and Simon renovated - it looked very inviting and I know they will be spending a lot of time there. The kitchen is always the heart of the home - it is where children end up doing their homework, where fathers talk about their day and where mothers get the meals ready. I thought the kitchen was fabulous, but their living room was not my taste. It was striking with the red and black, but I personally would find it hard to live surrounded by those colors on a daily basis. It would be visually grating, and too garish for me. But it suits them, and that's what's important, because they are the ones living there. The black shades surprised me though. Who has black shades?

I rewatched Bethenny's confrontation with Kelly at the Monkey Bar. Kelly says to Bethenny something like, "I will not lower myself to your level, you must come up to mine." Then she does the hand motion, I'm up here, and you are down here. She was trying to say with her hands come up to my level , I will not lower myself to your level. Kelly is not exactly my favorite person, but she really does not know how to express herself and is often misunderstood. She really does see life through rose-colored glasses and lives in Kelly World. I find it difficult to have a conversation with her, and she rarely makes sense to me. The whole scene between Bethenny and Kelly in this week's episode is crazy, but if you replay their first confrontation, it does shed more light on the fact that Kelly is in her own world and does not like confrontation.

I'm really pleased with how well my businesses are growing and I'm thankful for everyone's support. I chat with my friend from the OC Housewives, Vicki Gunvalson from time to time, and she has a lot of good tips on how to juggle multiple tasks, from home and family to the business world. I don't know how she keeps her energy up sometimes. But I can say that the Duzoxin product she introduced me to while I was in L.A. for the A-List Awards is definitely a winner. It is a weight management product that either helps with weight loss or maintenance, and also increases energy. I don't endorse magic pills for weight loss because there are none. Obviously people should use good sense in their eating habits and exercise regularly (tennis anyone?). But if a quality product can enhance a healthy lifestyle and give that extra boost for work outs, then I'm all for it.

If you want to learn more about me feel free to go to and add me on Facebook to see my most recent photos. I am also on Twitter if you would like to follow me. I just created a MySpace page recently.

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