Tennis Mismatch

Tennis Mismatch

Ramona shares her frustration with Jill's behavior at the game.

I really did not care for Jill's home renovation. It was too busy, too many things going on. It reminded me of the way Jill used to dress - too many bracelets, with earrings and rings that were too big, worn all at once. Less can be more. Each piece on its own was beautiful in her home, but when you walk into the room you get overwhelmed with too many patterns and ornate pieces. I agree with Bethenny, it had a Liberace look, and way too much gilt on the wall, ceilings, and furniture. It was overkill. The most important thing is that Jill loved it, and that is all that counts. She is the one who has to live in it and get the headache! This is no feature for Architectural Digest.

Jill turned the entire game into such an unpleasant scenario that Mario wanted to disinvite her.

The tennis match was one big joke to me and I was extremely disappointed with the way Jill handled everything. We have been getting along pretty well, but she really annoyed me with all of this. Firstly, Mario had asked me to play a doubles match with him and to choose a girlfriend to play against. Mario said he would find the pro that would best complement his ability. I thought of Jill first because she likes to play tennis, even though I have so many other girlfriends who would die for the chance to play with Mario on the court with me. Jill turned the entire game into such an unpleasant scenario that Mario wanted to disinvite her. This was always a game Mario had set up, not me and not Jill. Jill has a way of trying to switch things around to suit her needs. She was acting as though she had set up the game and Mario was the one encroaching. Not the case. To make matters worse, she then planned to bring a pro who is 20 years younger, world ranked on the regular circuit, and made millions on the tour!

The whole idea was to have evenly stacked teams. Yet Jill always has to win, even if she has to play unfair to do so. Knowing Jill, I was prepared for her pro to kick my butt and was a little scared and nervous. Of course if the situation was reversed, Jill would never get on the court if she knew the opposing team had someone 10 times better than her partner. But I decided to be a good sport, as that is the way I am. Jill showed up almost 2 hours late, and never even called. I know I have been late at times too, but courts need to be rented by the hour and they are booked in advance with time limits. To make matter worse, we had all our friends there during a workday and it was even ruder to keep them waiting. Many left because they could not wait any longer. When Jill walked in and said I looked like an ass for stretching, I was appalled. Obviously she knows nothing about working out, stretching, and keeping in shape. I had already warmed up on the court an hour and a half before and wanted to stretch to make sure my legs would still be limber. Stretching is a very important exercise to do before skiing, tennis, jogging etc. She never even said she was sorry about being late and keeping not only me waiting, but also everyone else. I didn't understand why I had to go back inside to the courts just because she arrived. I had been inside for over an hour already and her pro was still not there!

The game was a joke and there was no satisfaction in winning.

When I went inside and saw it was Simon, I really did not even want to play. I sucked it up and went with the flow. I know she wanted to get a rise out of me. It was just as insulting to have Simon there who is a horrible player as it was to bring a world-class touring pro. It showed a lack of respect not only to me, but also to my husband and her behavior showed how self-absorbed Jill can be at times. The game was a joke and there was no satisfaction in winning. Mario alone without me could beat Simon on his best day with Jill. I was so disinterested in playing that it brought my level down. The best match was when Mario and Jill played against Kurt {the pro Mario always wanted Jill to play with} and myself. The points were flying - the racquets were swinging. It was such a high level of tennis play with these men that it was a rush for me. That was the game we were supposed to play, and at least I did after we creamed Simon.

It will be interesting to see what we come up with next year for a match. Any ideas out there?

I have always been very goal oriented. At 10 years old I had no idea what I wanted to be, I just knew to get straight A's and that math is the most important subject. At 15 I knew I wanted to be in business (as I loved math and analyzing) combined with fashion. So initially I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for a buying and merchandising degree. I initially considered getting my bachelor degree in business, but after I spent the summer in NYC as an assistant buyer and loved it, I knew fashion was the way for me. F.I.T. had just opened their first four year program and it was a honor program - not just anyone could go. I went to the dean of this special program only 3 months before it was starting and convinced him to accept me. In life you have to GO FOR IT! I put myself through college the next two years as my father thought it would be wasteful. He thought I would just get married and never work. Did I ever prove him wrong!

In life you have to GO FOR IT!

I have been getting constant emails asking for tips on how to succeed in business and marriage. The number one rule you have to follow: LOVE what you do and have passion. You also have to put yourself in a position to learn, and, more importantly, look one or two steps ahead of where you want to go. Two steps ahead I wanted to be a buyer for a department store, one step ahead I wanted to be on a buying training program for a top department store. So I called the person who hires part-time executive help for Macy's. I got it by GOING FOR IT. My job as a part-time sales manager paved the way to getting into the top buying program to becoming a buyer at Macy's. From there on is history. Even today I never stop looking two steps ahead.

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