Whirlwind Season

Whirlwind Season

Ramona reflects on a season of ups and downs (and catfights!)

Well it has been a whirlwind of a season, and I for one am exhausted. I knew the show's first season would be BIG, but nothing prepared me for season two. the show took on a life of its own. I really enjoyed filming with Jill, Bethenny, and LuAnn. We may have our ups and downs, and of course squabbles, but it would be boring if we did not.

People always ask me if what goes on between us on the show is real. Trust me, no one could make this craziness up, that is why it is so good! We are all looking forward to a few relaxing months, well needed and well deserved. Thanks for being such loyal viewers.

I thought Avery and Coco were adorable at the Paws for Style fashion show. I will be doing it again this year and I'll be dressed by the same designer, Rebecca Taylor. It was actually relaxing to watch the show tonight. My stomach did not turn once, as it has the past two shows. I really got a kick out of watching myself in the office dealing with my vendor Seymour. I must say I do love doing business.

I will be leaving Monday for my next HSN show Wednesday, June 3rd at 3AM eastern time and 9PM eastern time. I really do not know how I will stay up for the 3AM show, but a gal has to do what a gal has to do. Check out this great new collection on Ramona Singer Jewelry on HSN. You'll find art deco and estate looking jewelry with real diamonds and gemstones that looks so expensive, but is affordable.

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