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No Regrets

Bethenny reflects on her argument with Jill and thanks fans for their support!

By Bethenny Frankel


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By the time you read this, I will actually be a housewife. Thanks for all of your support and well wishes. I'm so excited to be a married woman now, and we can't wait for the baby in June. Your comments, emails, tweets and Facebook messages get me through the back pain, swollen feet and sleepless nights. Thank you!

When I read the article in the Daily News, my reaction was: Here we go. I've been through this type of situation with Jill before when she discussed the Van Kempens to the New York Post during Season 2. Truthfully, I never care what ends up in the paper. There is so much nonsense, and I signed up for it. I will never act like some victim. Don't hate the player. Hate the game. I just didn't like feeling that a friend had discussed our private matters with everyone in the world besides me.

I've read rumors that I'm dating people that I've never met, bizarre plastic surgery stories etc. Truthfully, most of what ends up in print is true with some untrue surrounding details. In that case, I wasn't, in fact, invited to the Saks dinner, I was in conflict with some of the women and yes, Jill hosted the event and yes, LuAnn did host an Ungaro event. I didn't care about the item. I cared about how it got there.

Kelly and I had just started a season, and we didn't want a repeat of last season. If Kelly and I keep our distance, then there will be no drama.


Jill's email to Kelly is all part of the "get a hobby" advice. Who even has time to worry about who other people are associating with? I can't even get over how juvenile picking teams is. I can't even dignify it with an opinion. it truly doesn't affect my life whatsoever.

As I've said on the show, Jill has never met an argument she doesn't like. When she feels she has a case, she continues to belabor that point to rally troops against her enemy of the moment. For various reasons, she was very excited to have something to use against me over and over again. Everyone has their way of operating and this is how Jill functions.

To be totally honest, looking back I have no regrets whatsoever. I am happier than I have ever been, and there are circumstances not shown on the show that led me to this point. Everything is as I would like it and how it should be.

I wasn't surprised at all to find out that Jill allowed LuAnn to listen to our conversation. I don't expect anything whatsoever from LuAnn, so I am never disappointed nor surprised.

I don't get upset watching my argument with Jill. I am so far removed from that place and so much happier. My life is finally exactly where I want it, and it took me years to feel this way. That moment was representative of a very different time and place in my life.

There is no hope for reconciliation with Jill. As I mentioned earlier, there are greater issues and circumstances that took place that weren't portrayed while filming.

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