Own Game, Own Lane

Own Game, Own Lane

Bethenny talks naked photoshoots, new relationships, and her rift with Jill.


I don't really get offended very easily. All the women on the show have very thick skin, and deep down, most of us aren't very close friends. We embarked on an extraordinary journey together, and discord is part of that journey. My best friends are those that I've had for decades. I've grown to respect many of the Housewives and grown apart from others. Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

The PETA shoot was really fun, liberating and "one of a kind." I had no idea it would end up as a Times Square Billboard. I'm not overly concerned with my appearance, so I just wanted the billboard to raise awareness and look good enough. It did exceed my expectations.

Jason and I met at a nightclub in the meatpacking district. He was hot and I was drunk. Perfect combo. I had no expectations. Yet he called versus texting me the next day for a date. I never thought it would amount to anything but he handled himself impeccably every step of the way. He is a true gentleman and the most loving, kind, gentle man I've ever met. I can't believe we met at 2AM loaded on Skinnygirl margaritas. His heart is made of candy.

Jason finds the show a bit tragic and a bit embarrassing but he does it for me. He knows how good the show has been for me, and he is very supportive.

Jill likes to battle. She can't help it. It's her nature. I make snarky comments and can't resist a one-liner, and she can't resist a battle. Everyone has his or her stuff. I hope Jill gets everything she wants out of this season. I play my own game and stay in my own lane. I have no time to get caught up in minutia. I was pregnant the entire season, so it put everything in perspective. In addition, I was launching Skinnygirl margarita, The Skinnygirl Dish,  preparing for a spin-off and maintaining a relationship. Petty nonsense was low on the totem pole. I am not at battle. I don't need or look for allies nor do I rally troops to build me up. I can deal with anyone, anywhere, anytime on my own.

I asked LuAnn for a drink to try to mend our superficial relationship. I wanted to tell her to drop the countess nonsense because it is inconsequential. It was lost on her. The meeting in and of itself was more superficial and made me realize we simply don't see eye to eye. It didn't necessarily create more conflict; it just made me realize that I don't want these kinds of relationships in my life. Again, pregnancy made me tolerate nonsense a bit less.

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