Queen of Inappropriateness

Queen of Inappropriateness

Bethenny talks teaching, making private voicemails public, and her awkward fashion show run-in with Jill.


I absolutely love teaching at The Learning Annex and they have asked me to teach another class. It is an opportunity to really communicate with and connect to people in a meaningful way. That is why I do everything I do. I love helping women and giving them practical solutions to so many of their problems. This is precisely why I wrote the books Naturally Thin, Skinnygirl Dish and my upcoming A Place of Yes.

At this point in my career, I wouldn't pose for Playboy because it wouldn't be a good business decision for me. All of my career choices have very specific reasons behind them and there would be no reason right now to support that one.

I am the queen of inappropriateness, so I am in no position to tell anyone what decisions are and aren't appropriate. I have no issue with someone posing nude because of their small children. Kelly's children seem well-adjusted, and I believe children can handle a lot. If she is a good, supportive parent, then that is more important. If her children were older in age, that might even be more awkward. Then their teenage friends might be curious about it. I doubt kelly's daughter's friends read playboy. If they do, there are bigger fish to fry.

I wasn't surprised that Jill discussed me with her psychic. Jill has discussed our relationship with many people. It is how she operates. Her psychic, whom I do not know, must like to be in the middle of things, for she has reached out to me repeatedly to try to connect with me on very private and personal matters.

It really wasn't particularly difficult watching Jill play the message. It was a small portion of a slightly longer message, and I meant every word that I said. I don't have any nor believe in any regrets. There is obviously a lot that the audience doesn't know, but I stand behind all of my actions.

There was more of that message, and I am certain that Jill wouldn't want people to hear what was said. That is her prerogative. I was simply flabbergasted that she had kept that message for months and that she played it publicly. I found that very disrespectful.

I don't know exactly what Jill is scared of. Quite possibly, it is that I am opinionated, aggressive and completely upfront, or perhaps it is about how well I know her as a person. Regardless, I'm focused on my relationship, career and most importantly, my baby. I'm definitely not focusing on conjuring up ways to scare Jill.

I honestly have no idea what Jill thinks I'll do. I would imagine she would be more focused on her own life rather than how scary I am.

Jason's birthday was really special. It was where we met, and I wanted to do something that he would love. It was really great to get both of our groups of friends together. Great night.

Seeing Jill at Jill stuart was awkward at best. It was something that I had to deal with when I really would have rather been in any other situation. I expected pretty much what happened: awkwardness, coldness, fakeness and nothing productive from all parties (including myself). I just wanted it to be over.

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