Whatever You Say, Dahling

Whatever You Say, Dahling

Bethenny reflects on her fashion show throwdown with LuAnn.

Thanks for all of your honest comments. I read them all, and the statistics are correct: Bravo has the most intelligent, perceptive audience. I can't believe how much you guys get. You pick up on nuances in the show that even I miss. That said, your summary of what is going on with the relationships on this show is spot on. Trust your gut. It is always right and how I live my life.

Jason comes from a very simple background. He doesn't understand massive drama, catty interactions and anger. He believes that we should only have people in our lives who want the best for us. He thinks that my friendship with Jill definitely ran its course based on the events that he has witnessed during our relationship. He thinks that I should only surround myself with positive energy, particularly during this time when we're starting a family with so much to celebrate.

LuAnn loves to give a condescending dig. I think after three years of 'dahlings' and the countessness (combined with the Jill meddling), I just hit the wall going 90. I don't love that I unleashed my anger in that way. I stand by my words, but not my delivery. I was like a pit bull. I suppose I wanted to say what I needed to say to her face rather than rant to someone else. Not my finest moment. I don't know if LuAnn has anything in particular against me. I just think she knows that I know what time it is with her and I always have.

The skinnygirl party was a huge success. I'm so thrilled with the product's success. I definitely was like a teenage peer pressure pusher with Kelly. I guess I just wanted her to taste it and lighten up a bit.

I never thought that I'd be in a room with Kelly again but I wanted to come from "a place of yes" as much of possible. I was trying to lighten my load as much as possible. I'm not sure that worked so well, but I came from a good place. But generally I have no interaction with Kelly whatsoever, so I suppose not much has changed.


Ya gotta love Ramona. Ramona can't help herself, and somehow she'll always end up in the middle of something. Thank God for her. Our show needs her like the desert needs water.

Jill's SAKS party made my LuAnn lashing look like a calm stroll in the park. I joke that Ramona has a mild form of turrets. When she launches, there is no turning back. Jason and I watch in disbelief. She made me feel sane, so I thank her for that. To be fair, asking Kelly about her breast implants was not an appropriate inquiry/conversation, regardless of where they were. I did find it perfect, though, that LuAnn condones discussing it behind Kelly's back, but never to her face "dahling."

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