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Mario calls out "mean girls" LuAnn and Jill, and defends Ramona for trying to play peacemaker.

By Mario Singer


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I know Ramona was upset about her walk on the Brooklyn Bridge with Bethenny. She came home and told me about it that day. She was not happy about some of the things she said and though not all the conversation between the two women was shown, Ramona has to own what she said to Bethenny. What I was happy to see was that they were able to get past what was said and move on. So much so that Ramona and I were thrilled to be at Bethenny and Jason’s recent wedding and to be part of this wonderful moment in their lives.

True friendship is knowing that everyone makes mistakes and you need to forgive when you are hurt by someone who is special to you. Friendship should be about being there when the person you care about is down and if she or he is in a good place, then you should be happy for them. We all know people who are genuine and are there for you no matter what and others who are only happy when you are needy and miserable. There is a reason why people say misery loves company.

That brings me to Jill and LuAnn. When I think of them I have a vision of the HMS Titanic with the orchestra on deck playing their music as the ship continues to sink. By now we have come to see Jill and LuAnn for what they really are, a couple of mean girls who are not happy with their lives. Jill accuses Bethenny of only caring about money yet there she is in bed with LuAnn flaunting her “Diamond Card” from Saks for all the money she spends. I was waiting for LuAnn to tell Jill, “Dahling, money does not buy you class,” but I no longer consider her an expert on the subject. Both of them should reread their books as surely they did not actually write them.


Neither of them can understand how Kelly has made up with Bethenny. Here’s a new hobby for the two of you - forgive and forget. As Alex says, “Everybody’s damaged.” I find it amusing how last year I was criticized for arguing with Jill and telling her that the world did not revolve around her and this year I’ve been criticized for calling LuAnn “countless." Yet in blogs everywhere on the web I see LuAnn referred to as “the countless” and Jill being described as “all about herself.” Funny how the world turns. If you go back to the second episode of this season, you can see the opportunity that Jill was given to come to our home where she could have met with Bethenny and hopefully resolved their issues so none of this cattiness would continue. It could have been done in private and off camera as at this point no one even knew there was bad blood. In fact their friendship had already shown signs of strain in the early part of the summer as Bethenny found new love and success in her career. Jillously could not be happy for Bethenny and instead she chose not to come to our lunch and to stick by LuAnn, who was miffed at me over my countless remark.

Alex offers Jill another opportunity if she is only 1% interested in making up with Bethenny and again she refuses. Finally, Ramona does what most friends who care would do and tries to bring the two women together for one last attempt to get their friendship on track. This was no ambush or two ganging up on one. I do recall LuAnn-Team Jill, being there as well. It was an honest attempt at reconciliation and Bethenny certainly extended the olive branch only to have it trampled on by Jill. Of course no one was happier then underdog LuAnn. She was so scared she was going to lose her new BFF Jill that she couldn’t wait to get Jill out of our apartment after of course dressing down Ramona for trying to be the peacemaker. Life is too short to hold grudges and keep score. It takes a lot more energy to hold on to your misery then to let it go and lose the baggage.

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