Haunted House

Kelly talks about her foray into street fashion, the hardships of reality TV, and more!


Oh, my God, sorry God you have nothing to do with this, but there is no other person who can understand what I am dealing with. When Bravo asked me to be on this show, I had no idea where it would take me. I have been raked through the press, my reputation has been slandered, and my entire personal life has been effected by complete strangers who have made a business out of being on reality television. But, I am so incredibly grateful for if it wasn't for BRAVO, I would never be in the position to show you a slice of my real life or have the opportunities that have come to me as a result of the show.

Before I ever even heard of reality television, I was an editor for a magazine. I helped start a magazine owned by Niche Media called GOTHAM. It is a lifestyle magazine that covers and explores different people in major metropolitan cities. I decided to take another leap of faith and try a new craft. My idea was to take to the streets, explore what real people were actually wearing, write an article based on how the street influences fashion, and photograph the interviewees. Yes, I have no idea how to take pictures. But, why not try something new? The worst thing that could happen is that I bag the story. I believe in celebrating life, thinking outside the box and trying new things. You can only blame yourself for not making the effort. The experience was fun because I was able to explore many areas of New York and meet a lot of different people, mainly handsome men. I am single, so I was just having fun flirting, why not? More importantly, I learned that people define themselves by their accessories. No matter what size, age, or shape you are, accessories give an immediate impression of who you think you are or the feeling you want to convey. To get the look on the streets check out GOTHAM magazine's February issue. Thank you GOTHAM for always believing in me and my crazy ideas.

As far as the rest of the show, I refuse to comment on scenes I wasn't in. I wasn't there, therefore, I cannot judge. You shouldn't either. Have fun with each of our characters and stop taking sides. We all work really hard, and have a lot of fun making the show. Enjoy it, eat lots of popcorn, and drink beer or take a shot every time I touch my hair or say, "like." It makes it more fun. You can always ask me anything anytime on twitter @kikilet. Enjoy the show.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

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