Stamp of Approval

Stamp of Approval

Kelly talks about her Playboy shoot and revealing the shoot to her daughters.


One night at Delicatessen for dinner I asked my daughters Sea and Teddy, "What's Playboy magazine?" My daughters were so cute and shy about filming. I felt for them as I had to ask them questions that normally would only be discussed only between us. The scene was so funny. Teddy was ready to film and had fun with it, whereas Sea was just sweet little Sea trying to get through it. Sea and Teddy didn't see anything wrong with Playboy as they came to the studio, saw their dad and mom working together, and saw the pictures that my assistant had taken. It's work, like filming on the The Real Housewives of New York City is work. They don't see it as anything else. I loved the back and forth about what a good parent is: pretty, hard working, and fun. As for the other Housewives, I think any woman would be envious that I was chosen to be in Playboy. It is the ultimate stamp of approval that you are a beautiful and sexy woman. I have never thought of myself as beautiful or sexy. When I was younger people kept pushing me to model so I tried it. I was asked by Playboy and they let me choose any photographer I wanted, so I immediately chose my ex-husband, Gilles.

My scene with Jill at my home was hysterical. Everyone, even bloggers, is obsessed with the date of Playboy etc. I was asked to be on the cover, they told my agent it was going to be one date, another, celebration of this, etc. I kept it real on RHNYC. Whatever happens to me is in real time. If you think it's confusing, it's because modeling dates and issue releases are constantly changing. It's the nature of the beast. I love my job, and have fun with it.

In my next scene, LuAnn invites me to Fashion Night Out. The party was packed and was a great opportunity to get New Yorkers excited about fall and spending money. The ladies were all ready to go, I had a good time, but I am still warming up to everyone. I am still the observer. A few days later, I saw Bethenny at the Jill Stuart fashion show for the first time since I went to her 'drink' launch in Montauk last summer. I am so grateful for all of my opportunities and have been working since I was sixteen. I have two girls and we have a lot of fun, but when I work, I work. I don't wear my work on my sleeve, nor do I complain about it. I welcome opportunity and constantly seek out new ones. I am a single mom. I have to work. And I want to be an amazing provider for my girls. I don't need to talk about what I do, I just need to get my work done.


I like the fact that Bethenny sees me as lighthearted, because I am very lighthearted and I recognize how very lucky I am. As far as Jill and Bethenny are concerned, it is their war and not mine. I don't like getting into people's business. I have only filmed with Bethenny for an hour in total so I won't speak about something I don't know.

I hope you enjoy the Playboy shoot, it is because of all of you that I am where I am am. All of your attention on me has made people curious. Sea and Teddy and I have a new life because of you. So, Bravo fans, thank you.

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