You're Embarrassing Me

You're Embarrassing Me

Kelly wonders why the wives can't behave during fashion shows.


I have been lucky enough to have been invited to fashion shows and to walk in fashion shows for many years. The women not only get to sit in the front row, which is meant for celebrities, editors, and A-listers, but also get to go backstage which is strictly for REAL celebrities only. Now, because of filming, reality TV stars are sitting in the front row and taking seats away from the industry people and the attention away from the artistry of the show, and demeaning it with grade school banter. This is not normal behavior, and I have never seen people fight in the front row of a fashion show in my life except for when I started filming The Real Housewives of New York City. Lisa Rinna has been a friend for a long time. I do not make a practice of getting into other people's business so I switched seats to sit closer to Lisa. This craziness is a constant. Some of these women never went to fashion shows and parties before the show, so they are acting up. It's fun to watch, but awkward to experience.

I ran into Ramona at another fashion show. We were both invited to attend for the show. Ramona brought her daughter, who was so excited about attending her first fashion show. I wish you could have seen the scene where Avery tells me how she made her outfit. Ramona didn't invite me to her party over Labor Day, which was fine with me. I didn't see a reason why she would. We only filmed a little bit, and we are merely work acquaintances. I was taking Jill to Perez Hilton's party and after Ramona insinuated that I wasn't going to invite her, I did. Why not? I don't spend any time with these women outside the show, and I really try to make an effort to be real while we are filming. If they want to be in negative town and constantly try to demean what I am doing (i.e. Richard Meier's model museum, where I was horrified when Ramona told the curator about Meier) that's their game. Life is too short. I took Ramona to the party, and she put her daughter into a taxi alone. My heart sank.

I then was invited to a drink launch. I have known Robert Verdi for a long time. I used to go on his show when he was on E! all the time as a fashion expert. I came to show my support, and to give Bethenny a chance, which she so desperately pointed out that I never gave her. I don't get why these women are obsessed with what I think and do. Regardless, I made an effort, got dressed up, and went. I am honestly not a big drinker. I worked my way through college and never had those wild, raging twenties, and I was having babies in my thirties. So, the way I live my life is totally different than most women. And as a workaholic and single parent, I would never drink alcohol during the day if I was going to be with my girls. I took a sip, and the first taste was so strong and then very watery. It's not my taste, however I do admire Bethenny for trying to build a brand.

Jill Zarin had a dinner at SAKS. Everyone knows I love SAKS. The WEAR campaign I styled and modeled for last year did very well, and I was very proud to have helped launch it. I have been shopping at SAKS since I was a little girl with my mother. It was such a wonderful party and I was so proud of Jill. She has incredible and dynamic friends, whom she has known forever, and I was flattered to be seated next to her. I had asked Jill before if I could leave early because I wanted to go to the U2 concert. She was so gracious and sweet about it. When I saw Ramona she had already been drinking. She thinks she's Judge Judy when she drinks, which is hilarious. She then leaned over and asked me an inappropriate question. I hope that she puts the wine down, and starts to enjoy the moment she's in. She's missing out on life.

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