LuAnn talks about Mario's insensitive remark, her confrontation with Bethenny, and more.


Ramona looks great for her age and I don’t doubt that she "renewed" her skin, but she hasn’t refreshed her personality. Just because you say you want to start anew doesn’t mean that your personality changes. Ramona is just as crazy as always, just with a new, shorter and blonder hairdo.

I thought that Mario was tactless when he said "Countless" to me. I can take a joke, but this was no joke, it was insensitive and cruel. I don’t think Mario has anything "against" me specifically, I just think he took a cheap shot and it fell flat. I expected Ramona to say she was sorry that Mario hurt my feelings like any person in their right mind would have done. That would have diffused the situation. Instead it became about her. Whenever Ramona feels insecure, she becomes combative.

In my opinion there is something wrong with a person who needs to put others down to make herself feel good. It used to be funny, but now I find it vulgar. Bethenny can’t be trusted because she says one thing to my face and another behind my back. This is why I had drinks with her in the first place so I could tell her how I felt to her face. Her dishonesty is what makes her feel dirty, not me.

It was difficult for me to talk about my divorce on television. I think a lot of people are going through the same thing and can relate. It actually helped me move forward with my life.

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