Ridiculous Excuses

Ridiculous Excuses

Ramona talks about the Hamptons party debacle, her unlikely friendship with Alex, and more!

OMG I cannot believe I used the S word! I had no idea that LuAnn was there when Jill had me on speakerphone (as she never told me!) Even so, it was not nice of me and I have to own it. My conversation with Jill was actually about a half hour on the phone. She got me sooo upset at the end I just lost it. I did not realize I said all that stuff until the episode aired. Imagine my shock!

LuAnn originally was going to host the lunch at her home for everyone. When I called to invite her on the boat she said she wanted to go to all these parties that weekend and did not have time to host, so she was going to cancel the lunch. "And besides," LuAnn said, "I really do not want to have Alex and Simon at my home." I graciously told her, "No worries, I will do the lunch at my home." (Never once on the phone did LuAnn mention she was upset with Mario.) It was a very small group and since Bethenny and Kelly were clashing I thought it best not to invite her. Besides, I wanted to get Jill and Bethenny together to make peace. I thought with their men at their sides and only a few friends, there would be a good buffer and they could resolve their problems.

I am getting stressed just writing about this. For Jill to say she could not leave LuAnn alone was the lamest, BS excuse I have ever heard!! Just the night before Jill and I attended a party in Southampton for the entire evening. And guess who she came without?! LuAnn! So now, she cannot come to my house without LuAnn. This really made me angry, because Jill was obviously giving a ridiculous excuse as to why she could not come to my party.

On top of all of this, Jill and LuAnn wanted to invite Simon and Alex over. They were my guests! LuAnn not only canceled her party with only four days notice on a holiday weekend, but now she wanted to invite people she had earlier revealed to me she did not want at her house?!


I really felt like it was the yacht all over again. Why are Jill and LuAnn trying to ruin my gathering at my home so soon after attempting to ruin our day on the boat? What is wrong with these ladies?!

On a nicer note, it was great to see Bethenny and to get to know Jason better. He is really good for her. He gets her and he has so much patience, warmth, and understanding. I see a warmer side of Bethenny come out when she is around him. And for all you women out there: YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!

I am living proof that you can have a fabulous marriage, a fantastic daughter, genuine friends, and lots of success with business. That never stopped from the day I married Mario. So I think Bethenny is great enough to have it all too. If your heart is in the right place, all of your dreams can come true!!!

Can anyone believe how friendly I have become with Alex?!?! I find myself being more friendly with Simon because I really enjoy Alex’s company. What a huge change from last season!

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