Truly Renewed

Truly Renewed

Ramona talks about her new attitude and her yacht party drama with Jill and LuAnn!


I would first like to say thank you so much for your viewership and support of our show, without all of you we would not be here for the THIRD season. And what a season it will be, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions and happenings!

My father passing away was a time for me to reflect and I ended up having an epiphany. I decided I needed to re-evaluate my life and my relationships. After realizing how much life I have to live with the people close to me and how precious that time is, I decided to recharge the woman I am and all the relationships I have in my life. I have truly renewed who I am with my husband, my daughter, my friends, my professional outlook and my businesses and even aesthetically with my new haircut and physically by eating more healthy and getting into a routine with a trainer. I have a whole new lease on life and I'm eager to see what all of you think about the new me!

About the first episode:
I was really so excited to invite the girls out on the boat. What better way to reunite the Housewives than a summer day in the Hamptons on a yacht?! I was feeling really good in my bathing suit. After working so hard at the gym, I felt like I could totally do this and loved all the compliments the ladies gave me after we set sail. I was so surprised to find out that Jill commented that I was too old to be in a bikini!! She should have said something on the boat, but I think she was too busy getting involved with disagreement I had with LuAnn.


LuAnn was a distance away from Mario when she overheard the "Count-less" comment from afar 6 weeks earlier. He had said to a friend next to him, "Oh, there is the countess she is countless." LuAnn is the one who makes a big deal out of her title. Mario could have said, “There's LuAnn, she is divorced now." But if she was so upset why did she not go over right then and there?! I spoke to LuAnn a week before we were on the boat, but she didn't mention a thing to me about being upset with Mario. I was caught off guard to say the least. I have learned after 18 years of marriage what battles to pick with Mario and I didn't think this was one of them especially seeing how it didn't seem to matter to LuAnn before we were on the boat. Jill said she was trying to help but just made it worse.

I have been working extremely hard in creating new businesses. I wanted to share with my girlfriends my new HSN jewelry. I respect their opinions and was looking for some feedback. These were the first pieces from the factory that I needed to approve before they went to production. I believe women should empower each other and help but that obviously didn't happen that day!

But with all of this said I accept Jill and LuAnn for who they are, no one is perfect and I have learned to let things go. That is why I toasted everyone at the end of the day. Unlike Jill and LuAnn I do not harbor ill will. I express myself and let it go. Life is too short to hold onto grudges, all we have is the present!

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