Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Ramona talks about her relationship with her daughter, Avery, and recaps the showdown between Jill and Bethenny.


I was touched and surprised that Bethenny told Alex first about her engagement. I did not realize how close they had become. I am getting to know Alex better and now I do understand why Bethenny would reach out to her. Alex is happy, grounded and secure. She is not threatened or intimidated by someone else's success or achievements. I find myself calling Alex and updating her and she with me on what is going on with our lives. Who knew this would happen?! It just shows you can renew a friendship at any time and I am so happy I did with her.

I have to tell you, I got choked up again watching my scene with Avery. I cannot believe what a wonderful young lady she has turned out to be. I really did not have a lot of love in my household growing up When I had Avery I could not believe the feelings that overcame me when I held her in my arms. I have never experienced that depth of emotion. It was like waves of love crashing against my heart. This is what I meant when I said to Avery, "You taught me what love is." I am becoming more open with my daughter and exposing my emotions more. I really wanted her to have a major part in renewing my vows with Mario, and I wanted her to understand why this was important to me. My greatest achievement in life is my daughter Avery. I am truly blessed to have her. She really has taught me what unconditional love is, and has helped me open my heart and take emotional risks. My life would be so different without her and I thank God everyday for bringing her into life. Even though I love Mario tremendously, anyone who has a child will tell you how different the love you have towards your child is

There could not have been a more perfect time than the Gotham party for Jill to bridge the gap with Bethenny. For goodness sake, last year all summer long Jill was helping Bethenny lick her wounds over her breakup. Bethenny was thinking she may never find the right man and Jill was there the whole time consoling her. How could Jill not go over and congratulate Bethenny?! I was so upset when I saw how hurt Bethenny was over Jill's lack of acknowledgment. This was never aired and was edited out, but I went running over to Jill as fast as I could and said, "Bethenny is leaving. She is so hurt and upset by you! She's crying; you must go over now before she leaves!" Jill kept saying to me, "No, I have to wait for Bobby." I do not know why she needed him. I was freaking and telling her that if she didn't go talk with Bethenny, their relationship might never be repaired. I went home so upset that night. Poor Bethenny was hysterical in the car with Mario and I on the way home. It should have been one of her happiest nights ever and Jill ruined it.


Sonja is a spitfire and I really enjoy her candidness. She embraces life wholeheartedly and has no pretenses. Though we were very friendly many years ago we never had time to become close friends. We were single, dating, jet setting all around, and already had too many friends to count. It will be interesting to see how our friendship develops now that we have reconnected and can spend more time together.

I got a huge kick of seeing Kelly with her girls. I thought the whole scene was adorable. Kelly, I learned, is great one on one, but if there is more than one adult in her company, things go amiss. I for one know when cooking pancakes on a stove top and not on a preheated griddle it takestwo to three tries to get the temperature right in the frying pan. You always have to throw the first couple out, or in Kelly's case, give to the horses!

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